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Creating a Successful Blog Sale

Updated on October 15, 2013

Blog Sale

Why a Blog Sale?

Many people have attempted to make money online. However, sites like eBay are getting stricter and stricter, which is making it hard to make sales and generate some profit. Also, they charge you fees on almost everything you list and everything you sell. eBay charges a 9% commission on EVERY item you sell. So, blog sales are a great alternative. No fees, no listing requirements, etc. You are in charge of your sales and your potential profit. So save more money and make more money with a blog sale.

Creating a Sale

Creating a sale is the easy part. With blogs becoming more popular, it is now easier then ever to start your own. Sites like Blogger and Wordpress are the most used blog sites known to man. Okay. maybe not, but they are pretty popular. My personal favorite is Blogger. All you need is a gmail address to sign up, however, either site will do. Go to either site, sign up, and begin blogging away.

First, you must decide on what you want to sell. When you Google search blog sales the main sales that pop up are makeup/cosmetic sales. So lets go with that option. After you have decided on what Items you are going to sell, you want to make sure that you have some high quality pictures. Believe it or not, pictures can make or break a sale so make sure you have some good ones. Now its time to come up with some reasonable prices. You don't want to scare people with your prices, but you don't want to give your stuff away for free either. Once, that it done it is time to come up with the rules such as what payment you accept, what the minimum purchase price should be etc. Finally, it is time to upload your sale.


What To Do Next

Your sale is up, but now you have to get traffic to your sale. So what do you do?

  1. Generate some hype. Lure viewers in with your low prices and they keep them coming back with your high-end and reasonably priced items. Everyone loves a good sale.
  2. Share, Share, Share! Post your sale on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, EVERYWHERE! Let everyone you can know about your sale. The more people that know the more potential buyers you will have.
  3. Post! Post your sales on forums, blogs, and blog sale dedicated sites. Sites like allow various bloggers to post their sales so potential buyers have the opportunity to browse. However, be careful with posting on forums, some don't allow self-promoting.
  4. Research. Do your research. Check out your competitions prices and see if you can match them or make yours a tad bit lower. You want the best prices because the best prices attract more customers.
  5. Be Honest. Some buyers may contact you with questions about your sale. Be sure to be as open and honest as possible. You want your transaction to go as smooth as possible.
  6. Be Friendly. You want your buyers to have a good experience. The better the experience the more likely they are to come back.
  7. Promotions/Deals. Everyone loves a good deal. Offer sales and deals to attract more customers. Who can't resist a good sale?


Additional Tips

  • Offer extras. Throw in a few extras. You will definitely be tempting buyers by doing so,
  • Be willing to negotiate. Everyone loves a great deal meaning be willing to be a deal-giver. Reducing your prices will definitely lead to making more money.
  • Consider the timing. Try to have your sale around the first weekend of the month. This is around the time most people get paid.


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