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First Step In How to Make or Create A Banner In Keynote for iWeb

Updated on April 20, 2014

Creating a Keynote Banner

Creating a Keynote banner with an iMac is an easy alternative to making a banner with Flash. Once a presentation is made in Keynote and turned into a movie it is easily placed within an iWeb website to create information for everyone to see. The learning time to build a Keynote Banner is very little compared to the time to learn flash.

Imagination and creativity is the only requirement in creating a banner in Keynote.For more Tutorials Visit Apple KeyNote Tutorial Video.

The first step is to have an Apple computer with iWorks and then open Keynote. Choose in the upper left hand corner of theme page a blank theme. Once selected a blank page will appear with two divs. Click on each and delete.

Choose the inspector (the i in blue) by clicking on it with the arrow in the right side of the tool bar. This will open a window then choose document (the icon at the far left).

  1. In the document window select slide show settings. Select, automatically play upon open.
  2. Next select in the drop down menu of Presentation select Self-Playing.
  3. In the slide size choose custom size from the drop down menu.
  4. A new drop down menu will appear to provide a choice of size for your document (banner). Make the slide size the same width as your website (700-1000+) the minimum height allowed for a Keynote presentation is 200 pixels.
  5. The pixel height and width can easily be adjusted once placed in iWeb.

At this point the size of the banner will appear. This is where the creativity begins. Select a shape then make the shape large enough to cover the entire banner size or portion desired. When choosing a picture select it from your desktop or iPhoto and place it in the stage area by clicking and dragging. The picture can be adjusted to fit the banner.

Color is added by selecting the graphic icon inside of the inspector. The graphic icon is the Circle and Square. Click the drop down menu under the word fill this will present five different choices for a background color. To create a solid color choose color fill then select your choice of color from the color wheel. Gradient fill, advanced gradient fill, image fill and tinted image fill are also color fill options.

For more information and a video visit DavidNorton Apple Video iWork.


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