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Crowd-Funding and BankToTheFuture DOT com: Cultural forces born from Cryptocurrency and social networking

Updated on March 6, 2015

Bank To The Future, is UK based

Bank To The Future- endorsed by Sir Richard Branson.  He formed Virgin Galactic, and funded space ship one, designed by Burt Rutan.  SS1 - was the first private space plane, making it to space.
Bank To The Future- endorsed by Sir Richard Branson. He formed Virgin Galactic, and funded space ship one, designed by Burt Rutan. SS1 - was the first private space plane, making it to space.

Crowdfunding is beginning EVERYWHERE on the planet now

Sir Richard Branson, endorses banktothefuture- Branson (Billionaire- owner of the "Virgin" series of Corporations), envisions building the first space-hotels AND supplying the rides up and back down from orbit. So, he is a "Big Thinker".

It'd be NICE to be free to "Think Big" ... wouldn't it?

Crowdfunding and Digital Currencies open new possibilities

Bank-to-the-future, is a harbinger of things to come. (And what IS "bank to the future"?) Crowdfunding and digital currencies open possibilities that our society have not yet seen. I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe this is referred to as a "revolution"....And, this will be a level of "financial inclusion" we've not yet experienced. I do not think that most of "us" have even heard of crowd-funding, yet.

Bank-To-The-Future, is "crowdfunding".

Crowdfunding- is social networking PLUS "money"

When you allow a population, ACTUAL (financial) INCLUSION... you give a (direct) voice to everyday people. Crowdfunding. This IS, the "will" of the people when it speaks. And in crowd-funding you are cutting OUT "the middleman". Because "crowd funding" will not happen unless there IS a crowd behind the movement. And there is no one intercepting your funding, and redirecting it to some other "better" cause, than one which YOU decided to give to.

Purse-strings loosened by cryptocurrency, enable new options as a by product.

We aren't LIMITED, by the (private) funding of specific political candidates, necessitating the selection of a "lesser of two evils" mentality. When, perhaps... we actually desire NEITHER of the "evils" offered to us. Why should a corporation decide who "runs" for an office?

Simon Dixon- Bank To The Future: hop into the DeLorean...

At Amazon

Simon Dixon Interview, December of 2014

Second Flight of Space Ship 2 - tail cam

Maybe "We The People" have better ideas and goals than some of the campaign hopefuls we've been forced to vote for thus far. And maybe our "old school" campaign-hopefuls are actually marionettes twitching and jerking when their (purse) strings are pulled. So... you cannot REALLY blame them if they answer to some Oz-like, "man behind a curtain" somewhere.

What do YOU wish would preoccupy your thinking? (the pending invasion of "Iran"? an invasion of "Russia"? The pending financial "Meltdown"? ... ) Gosh... ! Our past political candidates are a BARREL of laughs!!! Aren't they? Do you know why? ... I am unsure, exactly, but.

I heard that if you "follow the yellow brick road"... you will find out. And I am quite sure that you and I did not BUILD that "yellow brick road". I've never touched a brick of that yellow stuff. But the people who have? ... Act in a quite UNHEALTHY manner.

And- Maybe WE have "better" ideas.

Maybe we want a Job, a Car, a House, a Family... children... a Life...


Maybe we can have our "Moon" and eat-well, too. If greedy corporations aren't gobbling everything up for themselves AND subsequently starving our society out of existence, to fund this years yacht, and tickets to "AnyPlace but USA".

Keep it all in the States Baby. I do believe in National Pride.

All I mean is, we MUST invest in the "micro-economies" of our small towns and villages. We MUST allow the small business entrepreneur to work, and to be FUNDED... we MUST provide for education that does NOT break the bank... we MUST work and grow. And our local MICRO economies are entirely bled-out by the leeches applied by the "debt-doctors" that have been allowed to "care" for our economy lately.. We've gotta be healthier and stronger.

I do like the idea of "National Pride", And it does NOT preclude being nice to "neighbors" (other countries). In fact, I'm all FOR being "nice" to our neighbors too. Again, maybe the Will of The People could be important here.... But until we get our own fiscal house in order... We should NOT be telling other countries how to live. But then. I'm a little bit old fashioned.

"Why Climb the Highest Mountain?" [President J.F. Kennedy]

Banks have had a strangle-hold on money, and money creation.

And that COULD all be changing. The "revolution" could be "done" already.

Crowd-funding, and social-networking. This type of technology is in its infancy. So people need to begin participating in these various new platforms that are available. They can do so, by simply being a vendor that supports crypto-currency, (if you already have a store). It does not mean that you must 100 percent switch to pure-digital-currency. But begin the process of adaptation. BECOME a Vendor that supports the digital currency. READ about it. Setup a basic "wallet". PRACTICE moving coinage with your family.

Then when I walk through the door of your store. I will buy something with the New "Coin of the Realm"...

SEE HOW EASY that revolution was? It's "Done" already.

YOU just did not know it.

This is a "revolution" not in NAME but in Actuality

The infrastructure for this is being BUILT... as you read this. It's just outside the scope of your "normal" existence, if you are like any other "average" person, so it's likely you've not even heard much about it. You MAY have heard someone "knocking" bitcoin as "stupid" or a "fake" or a "scam"...

But that's only because they THINK IN TERMS of a "scam", and know of nothing else offered lately... except "scams".

What do you THINK your government has been "doing"? Offering full disclosure?

Has Congress been voting on YOUR behalf? For the health of YOUR business? For YOUR family?

"We meet, in an hour of change and challenge, in a decade of Hope, and Fear. In an age of both knowledge, and ignorance. ... Why Climb the Highest Mountain? ...Because THAT GOAL, will serve to organize and measure the BEST of our energies and skills."

And if we can reach THAT Goal.

Then, We can certainly, "DO" anything as simple as feed a starving kid, somewhere. And it should be DONE... already.

And this will be accomplished by encouraging BUSINESS. Not stifling it.

the Full Length Address at Rice Univeristy- ALLOW THE DREAM

It is entirely possible that Politics will be reformed by this

Just as "Uber" changed the way people get a taxi, all over this world, with ONE MILLION new jobs created for drivers around the entire world. Uber just did a "deal" on Wall Street worth 40Billion Dollars.

Air B&B - transforming the Hotel Business the world-over. Worth BILLIONS of Dollars now.

Peer to Peer file sharing- COMPLETELY altering the way music and video moves through our population. YouTube, and Google... BILLIONS of Dollars flowing through THOSE companies...

"Things" are rocking and rolling now.

THESE NEW TECHNIQUES and TECHNOLOGIES WILL BE APPLIED IN POLITICS. Politics and crowdfunding have never before been brought together aggressively - because the potential for it never existed till NOW.

And there is tremendous "upside" potential for new growth and evolution here.


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