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Custom QR Codes from Did You Know They Could Be This Cool?

Updated on November 2, 2012

My Custom Blog QR Code

Scan it, it's fun!
Scan it, it's fun! | Source

My Experience with and making my QR Codes

4 stars for

Do You Have a Custom QR Code?

I'm sure you've seen all the QR codes all over the place. It's hard to turn a corner without seeing one on a business card, products, receipts, billboards, you name know those boring black and white ones that after you've seen so many you quit wondering what they're for? When I got my first QR Code reader on my phone, I remember scanning any QR code I came across just because I could. Yes, I am totally that easily entertained. However now days, I don't even notice the black and white QR codes anymore because lets face it. They're boring, they all look the same, and I'm no longer curious what they go to.

Follow Me ;)

Scan it see where it goes......and then follow;)
Scan it see where it goes......and then follow;) | Source

Where I made my custom QR codes.

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to make my own QR Codes. Had I known user friendly was for people like me, I would have made one way back. Not only was I surprised by how simple it was, but also the cost. I always thought having one of these custom made was pretty costly. makes it so easy to make one of these custom QR codes for whatever you want it for, whether it be directed to your website, your email, a youtube video, your twitter profile, facebook fan page, even your hubpages! You simply insert the URL of where you want your code to go, and start creating it. There are so many options to choose from it would be impossible for me to list them all here.

The first one I made was for my blog, which is pictured above. I love using it, and plan on putting it on some business cards in the future.........ONLY because I have so many people come up to me and ask me what it is I do as a stay at home mom. Isn't that super cute? A QR code like that will definitely catch someones attention a lot quicker than the old black and white ones.

The second I made was to my Twitter profile, what an easy and fun way to get followers. I could've put the little blue tweet bird in the corners......but I didn't like how the blue looked in my color scheme. However, if you notice, I did do a little editing of the tweet bird to match for my center.

What's the price of making a custom QR Code?

As I said earlier, I really had always believed that having one of these made would be pretty costly. I didn't even realize it was something you could do on your own. To make your own Custom QR Code like the ones I made, costs $9.95, which I found to be pretty reasonable in my opinion considering that you can use your code infinitely after you purchase it. does provide the plain black QR codes for free......but do you really want to just have a code, or do you want to have a code that people will want to check out?

Who and What Can You Use a QR Code for?

Anyone can make and use a QR Code. You can put these on flyers, cards, business cards, post cards, t shirts, cookies and name it. My 14 year old like to do yard work throughout the year, and he will be of driving age next summer, so we are in the process of making him some business cards with his own QR code on it for his lawn services. Here are some other ideas.

  1. Your Etsy Shop, Ebay Store etc.
  2. Make one for your Hubpages
  3. Business cards
  4. T Shirts
  5. Videos
  6. Facebook Fan Page for likes
  7. Twitter Profile
  8. Teen Summer Business
  9. Events
  10. Charity Websites
  11. Put on stickers and place them on your child's possession in case they get lost ( you can make the QR code go to a phone number)
  12. On your cell phones in case their lost and found with owner and contact information


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