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Cyber security - what to be done to protect your company

Updated on January 4, 2017

Increase in attacks against small and medium scale companies

There is a steady increase in hacks and attacks focused on small and medium scale companies in recent days.

Reasons being

  • Less security measures, no complex devices protecting them.
  • No tracking or forensic mechanism to trace the hackers back.
  • Most of the times the hack could go unnoticed.
  • Users are not aware of cyber security.
  • No international or regional standards followed to prevent specific data.

What Should be done

There are several control mechanism to be used

Preventive : This control mechanism prevents any attacks using technology or process/policies. For example, Firewalls are preventive technical control, security policies are preventive/deterrent policies.

corrective and detective : these controls should also be used , although might prove costly for SME ,selective mechanisms should be used to have basic protection.

Also for more details visit website "" , where you can use checklist/form to evaluate your security controls .


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