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DAGI Capacitive Stylus Pen - A Stylus Pen for Detailed Drawing and Writing

Updated on July 31, 2011

DAGI Stylus Pen Best For Drawing and Writing

Using a Stylus on a Capacitive Touchscreen often sounds easier than it is. Realizing expectations of writing and drawing on a tablet as if we were holding an ordinary pencil or ink pen is a bit unrealistic but not impossible. Depending on the task a Stylus can add beneficial abilities to accomplish even the most detailed task.

The DAGI Capacitive Stylus Pen is different with its firm plastic tip versus the rubbery tips found on other Capacitive Stylus Pens. Drawing a thin line or taking notes is difficult as the soft tip of ordinary Stylus Pen reacts as if it were shapeless sponge that wobbles from side to side as you apply pressure. Now if you are simply touching an APP or flipping through pages the other Stylus Pens work fine - but for detailed work - not so much.

If your finger will work as well as a Stylus I would suggest using your finger. I understand that if it is cold outside and you need to wear gloves a Stylus is a must have accessory. However, if you need to draw a sketch or if you need to write a page of notes that doesn't look like you used a fat crayon, the DAGI Stylus is more desirable.

It is obvious the DAGI is different once you compare its tip to other Stylus pens. At first it is hard to understand how such a strange looking tip could possibly work on a capacitive Touchscreen. After all, it does not resemble the soft touch that is typically thought of that is needed to work with a capacitive Touchscreen.

The DAGI tip has a strange angle. It is a flat clear plastic disk attached to the pen by a thin plastic neck. It is described by the makers as a transparent and elastic sensing tip. It is said to be very sensitive and easy to aim at small areas of the screen. It is so exact that it marketed to those that want to write and draw on a capacitive Touchscreen surface. It is also said to work well with some games that require a precise touch.

I have used several different stylus pens. I have eventually given up on each of them. Typically I am in a meeting and speed writing is necessary. So far none of them can keep up and I end up writing with an ink pen on regular note paper. The possibility of finding a stylus that can work the way I need it to is exciting. I will report back with my personal experience. Until then I would love to hear from all of you that have already tried the DAGI.


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