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DDR4 Comparison

Updated on March 18, 2013

Unveiling of the DDR4

During the CES 2013, Crucial have revealed the next generation memory technology, the DDR4. Crucial demonstrated a running DDR4 during the Consumer Electronics Show. The memory module was attached to a specialized Intel DDR4 computer. It was benchmarked and tested under memtest and a Teledyne LeCroy analyzer. The DDR4 is expected to be more efficient, faster, and denser, than the DDR3.

Here is a summarized table of what we can expect with DDR4:

DDR Comparison

Voltage Rating

DDR4 is Greener

Figuratively speaking, DDR4 is greener than any other memory technology. It only has a voltage rating of up to 1.2V. Indeed, there are a lot of benefits you can get from having an efficient memory module. Yes, it is indeed the basic solution for our CO2 emissions. Saving more on electricity may directly lessen our CO2 emissions. Besides from being environment-friendly, DDR4 also helps save more battery. You see, less power consumption would equate to longer battery life. Through it, we can now enjoy more on our mobile devices especially our laptops. As much as it saves us, users, from more battery consumption, it also saves us from our electricity bills. DDR4 consumes less energy when doing tasks and processes; thus, it gives us less energy costs. Other than that, efficiency also means less generated temperature. DDR4 are proven to produce less heat than its predecessors. With DDR4, it is much more easier to keep your computer, or any device cool.


DDR4's Speed Performace

Expect faster speed and performance from DDR4 memory modules. Immerse yourself in a 100% increase of speed in DDR4.

DDR4 are critically engineered and designed to perform at amazing speeds. It operates at 2.1Ghz. It is tested to load applications at faster rates. During the CES 2013, DDR4 were being tested and bench marked by Micron. The results proved that DDR4 actually can operate at extreme speeds which are beyond DDR3's comprehension. It response hastily than any other memory module. It has even an increased ability to handle the data-intensive programs of tomorrow. DDR4 will surely bring your computers or devices to a next-generation performance.


More Density. More Performance.

Among all the specifications of a RAM Module, the most forgotten specs is its density. Most consumers don't mind its density even though it is one of the most important factors of a RAM. A higher density in a RAM Module means you can expect more performance for component it has. It means that in a single memory module of a RAM, it can accumulate more bits of performance in every component. Thus, it will allow more RAM capacity.

In DDR4, a 300% increase of density from DDR3 is expected. Every DDR4 memory technology will accumulate 4Gb of density. It will indeed unlock and pave more performance for the computer or device. Thus, the more density the DDR4 has, the more performance it can give.


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      Vince Tangcalagan 4 years ago from Philippines

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