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DIY Solar Pool Heater Kits and Installation

Updated on November 9, 2011

The Basics of a Solar Pool Heating System

Swimming pools, correctly installed, would have a circulation system which is needed to circulate constantly the pool water for filtration and cleaning. If this same system is linked up to a device that heats the water before it enters the pool the objective of having a heated pool would be achieved. Heating systems can be from gas, oil or electric heaters, but you can rid yourself of the consequent heating bill by using a free source of heating - the sun.

A basic solar pool heater would consist of water tubes containing the swimming pool water passing through a solar plate collector which is heated by the sun’s rays. Such collectors can be on the deck of the pool, the roof of the house or any area that has constant exposure to the sun. The capacity of a DIY solar pool heater kit would be determined by the square area of the swimming pool that needs heating. Other factors that could help reduce costs of such kits would be the shape of the pool. Round pools are the best.

Pool Heater

Installing a DIY Solar Pool Heater Kit

The cheapest kits are the ones that use unglazed plastic as solar collectors. A standard collector would be 3.4 m long and 1.4 m wide with necessary piping already installed in it. You can increase the number of panels depending on the size of your pool. Decide on a location for the solar collector. The supporting structure for the solar panel should be sufficient to take the weight of the panel when it is full of water. The position should ensure constant exposure to the sun and the location should be such that the distance from your circulation pump is the least. Collectors can be installed horizontally or vertically or even positioned on the roof of the house. Connect up the ends of the solar collector piping to your pool circulation system and enjoy the benefits of the heated water through the winter.

Additions to DIY solar pool heater kits would be sensors to regulate the temperature of the water. You could also conserve the heated water by using pool covers or floating discs. The latter are easy to remove and lay on the water than a full cover.

A still cheaper form of solar collector can be made of corrugated metal sheets over which the circulated water is made to run. A piping system which would spray the circulated water on to the sheet and a method to collect the heated water can easily be fashioned out by any DIY enthusiast. Water can also be heated by running the pool water through coils of black garden hose kept exposed to the sun. If the length of the hose in the coil is sufficient, water will get heated to give you the desired comfort in the swimming pool.


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