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What is DSOrganize: A portable PDA app for the Nintendo DS, includes address book, web browser, and more (Download link)

Updated on May 19, 2012

What is DSOrganize?

DSOrganize is a homebrew app for the Nintendo DS. It comes with a calendar, day planner, address book, todo list, web browser, and so much more! DSOrganize is also very user-friendly. Which means, it does not look like a console, or just a bunch of images on the screen that don't even look like they belong there.

How do I use it, and where do I download it?

You can download it from here. You need a flash cart to run it. Once you download it, you need to place the DSOrganize folder into the root of your flash cart. Next, you need to patch the DSOrganize.nds file. A great, fast, simple way to DLDI patch files is use DLDI Right-Click. You can download that from here. Once you're done, power up your DS with your flash cart and have at it.

Compatibility with the R4DS?

This is a somewhat specific section... You probably don't even have an R4DS... So you can just skip this. But if you do, You will be glad to know that it is compatible with the R4DS. I don't really think you need to patch it for the R4DS, but if you want to be sure, you can try.

Now what?

Play around with its amazing apps. I mostly like it for the web browser. :3 I hope you like DSOrganize. Thanks for reading.


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