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Data Base Concepts

Updated on January 15, 2010


A data base is a shared collection of interrelated data design to meet the various information needs of an organization. For example, Consider a student information data base that consist of different data files containing data items value i.e,Student Name.roll no, subject,remarks etc. The various information needs of the organization may be by following example:

  • The library department needs the addresses of students who do not return the library books in time.
  • The Examination department needs to know the student registration no of student.
  • The Account department may need to prepare a summary information of the whole year.

Characteristic of a Data Base

A data base has two important properties:

  • Integrated
  • Shared

By integrated, we mean that all data files are logically interrelated with each other.

By shared we means that all qualified users in the organization have access to the same data , for use int variety of activities.


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