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Delete Photos From Memory Card On Samsung Reality Cell Phone Easy

Updated on January 16, 2011


So, you know the basics of inserting your memory card into your Samsung Reality Phone, loading pictures and other info on to the memory card, etc. etc.

I use the Sandisk memory card for storing photos and transferring these pictures to my computer.After a while, the card starts to get loaded up and you'll want to remove some of the old photos etc from the card.

This article will teach you how to delete photos from the memory card you use on your Samsung Reality cell phone easy.

Step 1

Insert the sandisk memory card into your Samsung Reality cell phone.  When it asks you the yes or no question, choose either yes or no. It doesn't matter for deleting memory from your card.

Step 2

Select the "Menu" icon.

Step 3

Then select "Settings and Tools".

Step 4

The choose "Memory" which is the ninth (#9) selection down on your cell phone touch screen. You won't see "Memory" on the screen unless you scroll down the touch screen, so start scrolling :-)

Step 5

Then select # 3, card memory.

Step 6

Choose #2 "My Pictures". Your pictures will populate on the screen.

Step 7

Hit the "Erase" button on you cell phone touch screen (at the bottom)

Step 8

Then either select "Erase All" to erase all of your pictures from the memory card or select individual pictures to erase by pressing the box to the right of the pictures. A check mark will appear next to the photos you wish to erase.

Step 9

Then hit "Done" and choose "Yes" on the next screen,

There! You've erased the pictures from your Samsung reality cell phone memory card.

Memory Card Size Poll

Does Anyone Here Somehow Wish the Sandisk Memory Card Was, In Someway, A little larger and Easier to Find ? :-)

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