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Dell Inspiron 1545 Review - a Fast and Inexpensive Laptop

Updated on November 30, 2009

Dell has recently released a few laptops that combine power and good pricing. An example of such a great deal is the Dell Inspiron 1545. I recently bought one for myself and decided to share the good things I found about this laptop.

So that if you interested in an affordable system that can fulfill the typical computing needs, you may have another option with the Inspiron 1545.

The Inspiron 1545

First, lets look at the specifications of this laptop:

  • Processor: a 2.1GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 Processor. The laptop is powered by one of the most affordable and capable processors released by Intel in the last years. The dual core processor has a lot of juice to power the most intense applications. I have another laptop with an earlier core duo processor that is working just fine after almost three years.
  • 4GB Memory: nowadays, 4 Gigabytes is becoming the standard. This is a generous amount of memory that will allow you to run lots of applications.
  • 250GB Hard Drive: no surprises here, but 250 GB is a good amount of disk that can last enough (unless you have the habit of saving movies to the HD, which sometimes I do).
  • DVD±R/RW Optical Drive: great optical drive, mostly standard with new computers.
  • 15.6" Display, Integrated Intel 4500 MHD Media Accelerator Graphics: This is one of the big advantages of this laptop. The 15.6" display has enough screen space to really see something. Many laptops sold today have very small screen, specially for computers in this price-range. The accelerated graphics also allow one to play games with good quality.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit): this is also standard, but just the fact that it is Windows 7 instead of Vista is a big pro.
  • Up to 4 Hours 34 Minutes of Battery Life: For the size of the laptop, 4:30 hours is great. It is enough time to watch a movie, or do a lot of work in an airplane.

The Price

With all the features described above, however, one of the best things that I enjoyed in this laptop is the combination capacity-price. For a price around $600 you get a package that delivers anything you want from a laptop.

Of course, you can buy better laptops; there are hundreds to choose for. But for this price level, it is difficult to find a quality laptop that will give you the same level of features that you get here.

My personal experience so far has been very positive with the Dell Inspiron 1545. I hope you also enjoy using it.


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