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Designing a Website With AdSense Ads in Mind

Updated on March 14, 2011

What You Will Learn In This Article

Designing a website with AdSense ads in mind should be focused on prime content. But prime content can be garnered with good ad placement, optimal color blend and ideal focus on what you want your visitors to see.

In this article I will explain the five keys to gain the full potential of AdSense ads on your websites:

  • Perfect color match between content and ads
  • Excellent blend of ad sizes to fit your content
  • Ensuring your ads are relevant for your niche
  • Giving people a handy search feature that can earn you extra cash
  • Listening to others while split-testing

Let's go through these keys so you can get optimum results - and maximize your earnings.

Color Match, Blending, Relevance and Giving Value to Readers

Perfect Color Match Between Content and Ads

Matching colors actually deals with using the same colors for titles in Adsense ads as you have on your website. Focusing on proper coding on your website helps the Adsense system cater the proper ads for your content. When you use the right balance between key words and colors, you will see considerable growth in your AdSense earnings.

One major rule of thumb is that blue is to be reserved for links. People associate blue with link colors, and you might as well direct people towards doing what you want them to do - click on your Adsense ads.

Likewise, if your ads stand out from your content, you will get the same results as when you implement off-base ad banners. They will flee from ads, and consequently, your Adsense earnings will drop.

Excellent Blend of Ad Sizes to Fit Your Content

For some niches, video ads will work better than plain text ads. Why not split-test by running both types of ads? If you see a lower earning on one website, try changing the settings in your Administrative panel on Google so you show both types of ads? Never leave money on the table, but be ready to fit the niche you are dealing with. If CTR drops to 1-2% you're doing something wrong. Try changing this setting alone, and you will experience multiplication of your earnings.

Ensuring Your Ads Are Relevant for Your Niche

When you see low earnings per click through, it might be time to run your own affiliate links on low-performing pages. It is possible to set this up on your website so your own bit of code is shown instead of Google Adsense ads. Likewise, you can see periods when Adsense performs better than at other times of the year. People rarely order summer vacation trips during the x-mas holiday season, so seasonal changes in earnings could also affect your Adsense earnings.

Giving People a Handy Search Feature That Can Earn You Extra Cash

Some overlook this handy source for extra income. When you offer people a chance to do a Google search, you get a chance to earn money from people leaving your site. Why not give them a handy chance to do the Google search directly from your page instead of running the risk of visitors clicking their Home-icon in the upper menu? You might as well earn all you can while being of service to visitors.

Listening to Others While Split-Testing

Listening to experts can be a handy way of getting ahead of competitors. Many website designers are totally oblivious to AdSense optimization, and it shows. The internet is filled with badly optimized sites, and people claiming they can't earn anything from AdSense.

People like myself, who have listened to others, have learned how to do AdSense optimization, and consequently we have been pad many times by Google. We all started somewhere, but nothing beats experience, and you might as well listen carefully to people who know what they are talking about.


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