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Driveicons - Resetting Your Desktop

Updated on October 11, 2015

My Icons Don't Work


I Asked Google For Advice

There was some ask webpage that advised that I could go into my REGEDIT, go through to my HKEY, Local Machine, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, Explorer and there I was to look for a file named Driveicons.

I found it. The advice was to delete it and restart my computer. That seemed straightforward enough. So, I clicked on driveicons and right clicked and selected delete. Then, I restarted my computer.

The whole point was that my drivers for my desktop icons were supposedly mismanaged and deleting this file was supposed to fix everything.

Did it? Well. No. My desktop icons are still not connecting me to the webpages that they are holding the spot for. I right click on them and what happens? Well, I get a little circle. I get my hopes up, and then the circle stops Goes away and there I sit, staring at my monitor.

I usually at this point, say something like "Oh. That was fun." No swearing, no heavy sighs, just a grim, depressed feeling.

So, Now What?

So, back to Google? I entered my question on Google and ended up on some restore autorun forum. I don't think my autorun....Here. Let me explain something. My computer wasn't working very fast. Pages weren't loading very well. It was slow. Remember dialup? Well, picture something slower than dialup.

I know. I know. Awful. So anyway, I system restored my computer back to 3/19/2015. A good month, since I don't really have anything on my computer that is especially important. In case I lost something, it wouldn't be a big deal.

So. Last night, I let my system restore do its thing. I woke up this morning and it was completed. My Norton was completely gone, so I put the disk in the reinstall that. So, then, the issue of connectivity came up.

So, I called Verizon, since my internet is on a jetpack. I talked to tech support.

Verizon Tech Support

Tech support was helpful. They helped me reset my jetpack and that was a good thing since my jetpack, instead of saying 1x, now says 4G LTE. Yayyy!!!

He didn't know anything about the computer end of it, but was able to fix my connection issues with the jetpack. He also reminded me that I can get a new one in another two months. Thank you, Verizon!

It's Been One Thing After Another

What is glindorus? I noticed that word on my task manager. I don't recognize it. What does Google have to say about it? Let me look?

Google says: According to Symantec, which is my Norton Antivirus, Glindorus is an advertising virus.


Glindorus is a potentially unwanted application that displays advertisements in browsers.

DId System Restore Get Rid of Glindorus?

I don't know. How the heck do I check for that? I used to know where to look on my old computer, but these blasted computers keep changing and who can keep up?

My new occupation will probably have to be hacker, right? Just to fix my darn computer. Ugh!

I just thought of something. I noticed it when I did my task manager. Perhaps I can recheck that. I will let you know if I see it on there.

I'm back. I looked. I no longer see it on there. I cannot tell you how I got rid of it, but, I think that the System Restore took care of it. Probably.

I Still Have My Icon Problem

I still do not know how to get my icons to work. Obviously, I have a driver issue. Perhaps I will have to google for the answer.

Wish me luck.

Unless you have some sort of technical advice to offer me. Leave it below. I appreciate your help!!!

How About You?

Have you had trouble with your Desktop Icons not working?

See results

Patch Project

I'm learning all sort of new words. My update requires a patch project update. Well, Glindorus, you probably did me a favor. Thanks. My computer has never run so well. I don't really want to fight a bunch of advertisements though, but, if you want me to do a page for you, contact me directly. Ok?

Fix Corrupted Icons

I Did It!!!

I went to my task manager and end tasked explorer.exe and then, went up to the top and started explorer.exe as a new task.

That fixed it. My icons work beautifully again!


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