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Desktop Monitor

Updated on April 17, 2010

Widescreen Desktop Monitor

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Computer monitors display text and images. They has plastic and carbon frames and glass viewing screens that displays graphics in monochrome, grayscale and color. There are four kinds of computer monitors: Cathode Ray Tube-provide sharp and brilliant display, Flat screen computer monitor-have larger viewing screen with high resolution, LCD computer monitor- uses electronic liquid crystals to assign color and brightness and TFT computer monitors- uses active LCD displays that generate at a faster rate.

Asus Desktop Monitor

What is a Desktop Monitor?

A monitor is sometimes called a visual display unit. It is an electronic visual display for computers. Every computer monitor is made up of a display device, circuitry and an enclosure. The display device in modern monitors uses a thin film transistor liquid crystal display. Long ago monitors used a cathode ray tube. Monitors display information, text and graphics.

The part of the computer that displays visual information is the screen. Sort of like a TV screen that enables moving pictures. As I have mentioned earlier monitors are of two types. The cathode ray tube monitors (CRT) and the Liquid crystal display (LCD).

The difference between the two is the LCD monitors are thinner and lighter however CRT monitors are much more affordable than LCD monitors. That is why many are still using CRT monitors, but these days you would have a hard time finding a new CRT. Most people are opting for LCD monitors now since prices have been dropping.

Large LCD Desktop Monitor

A computer is a complex machine that receives, creates, manipulates, delivers and stores data. The computer is the product of technological advancement and it is now becoming an engine of imagination. The first electronic computer was made during 1940’s. A computer has many parts. The physical parts are called the hardware while instructions and programs are called the software.

A laptop computer is a personal computer (PC) designed to be used on the go. It is a smaller version of a desktop computer. It requires a smaller space compared to a desktop computer. It can be carried around from one location to the other easily with less effort. The most common hardware found in a computer includes the following: monitor, modem, central processing unit (CPU), mouse, speaker, printer and keyboard.

Gateway LX6810 Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is usually cheaper than a laptop. However laptop have became a popular choice. Typically, desktops are more powerful than a laptop of the same generation with high performance in video, design, games and sound editing.

Which of the Three Major Operating Systems Do You Prefer?

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