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Difference Between Notebook Computer and Laptop

Updated on January 8, 2012

Many people use the terms laptop and notebook computer while speaking about the same device. At the moment many differences cannot be found between two of them. Furthermore, the new term – net-book computer is on the way. Because of the evolution of new technologies explaining the difference between laptop and notebook computer can be a little bit tricky. But if we look trough the short history of computer evolution, the different meanings can be found.

First of all, notebook computer and laptop are both portable computers. This means that they are lightweight enough to be transported easily. Another important similarity is that both of them enables the user all the features the desktop computer has. Portable computers have some disadvantages while comparing them with desktop computers. But this is not the main topic to speak about in this article.


The Notebook Computer Features

  • Very light weight. The lesser weight the notebook computer has, the better it is for the user.
  • Extremely long battery life. The new technologies enable the notebook computer to have battery life of 4-6 or even more hours.
  • 12”-14” TFT or LED screen. In fact there are portable computers that have 11” or smaller screens but I would like to call them netbooks.
  • Minimal graphic system. In many cases notebook computers come with integrated graphic cards with lesser characteristics.
  • Small keyboard. Notebook computer do not have the additional numeric keyboard. Instead of that, numeric keyboard sometimes can be implemented with the help of additional functional keys. This feature reduces the functionality of the keyboard.
  • Low power consumption. The low power processors are used in notebook computers.


The Laptop Features

  • It has quite good graphic systems. NVidia or ATI graphic cards are used in laptops.
  • Large screen. 14”-17” screens are used in laptops.
  • Full featured keyboard. The keyboard of laptops has all the features that are familiar, including the separate numeric keyboard.
  • Average battery life. The battery life of laptop is about 3 hours.

While analyzing all these features, the main purposes of laptops and notebook computers can be revealed. Laptop can be fully used as a replacement for desktop computer. In many cases a laptop has all the features need. They are enough small and portable to be transported, but they also have quite attractive characteristics. The notebook computers are design for those who do not need all the advantages of the desktop computer. The main advantage of the notebook computer is its portability, lightweight and small measurements. The extremely long battery life is also very important.


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  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 6 years ago from Europe

    Yes, this problem is common. Many laptops do not have full keyboard. Off course, there are some models that have, but those models are very large, with 17" screen, so they are hard to carry. In many cases users buy laptops just because it is fashionable to have one. Just a small part of them really need a laptop.

  • Joelipoo profile image

    Joelipoo 6 years ago from Ohio

    I had always been a desk top computer user until the last year when I got a laptop. I haven't been able to bring myself to the notebook level because I want my full keyboard and all that.

  • juncolt profile image

    juncolt 7 years ago from saudi arabia

    Thanks Silven, your hub gave me additional info about notebooks which I am planning to get one.