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Different Types Of Toaster

Updated on December 2, 2010

Wondering what is a toaster? A toaster is one of the most common and small kitchen appliance intended to toast various kind of bread. Toaster’s can toast in just 1 to 3 minutes. 200 years ago, before toasters where invented, sliced breads were toasted through placing them in a metal structure and holding it above the fire using an elongated handled fork.

There are 3 types of toaster namely:

  1. Pop-up Toasters. Also known as automatic toaster, where slices of breads are placed vertically into the slots on top of the toaster. The lever at the side of the toaster is the one that activates it once depressed. Ones the toasting phase is complete, it automatically turns off and the toasted bread pop-up out of the slot. This is why this toaster type is called pop-up toaster.
  2. Conveyor Toasters. Unlike the pop-up toasters, conveyor toaster is designed to create sliced of toast which are generally used in large scale industry. In this kind of toaster, the bread is toasted in an average of 350-900 slices an hour. The toasting process is controlled by the speed of the belt as it passes through the heating element of the toaster.
  3. Toaster Ovens. This kind is a small electric oven with a door on one side and a tray inside where the bread is placed. Once the toast is done, it automatically turns off, and then the toasted bread is ready to eat. Toaster ovens have different sizes and are significantly larger than toasters and capable of performing more functions. In this kind of toaster breads can be toast with variety of toppings depending on your taste, like cheese or garlic but of course it requires a longer operating time.

And that’s the 3 main types of toasters but there are still more kinds of toaster made with the advancement of technology or hi-tech toasters possessing more functions.

That’s it about toaster for today. Tomorrow I’ll provide more wonderful information about toasters.


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