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Digital Camera Review-Canon Power Shot Hot Or Not? Find Out Here

Updated on September 23, 2009

Are you about to purchase the Canon SX10? If you are then you may find what I'm about to reveal very interesting because you are about to read a warts and all no bullsh** review which will tell you exactly what I think about Canons latest attempt to overturn the dominance of Olympus.

Canon Powershot SX10 ISĀ 

Scroll Down Page For SX10 Video

If you are a die hard fan of the Canon brand, then you surely must have been waiting with baited breath for the release of the Canon SX10. This all new SX- series of cameras is a natural progression of the current Canon S-series extended zoom models.

Having been left far behind by the magnificent Olympus SP series of digital ultra zoom cameras, Canon has finally decided to flex their muscles and go after the longest of all long range zooms, the 20x. Apart from the long range 20x optical zoom the Canon SX10 IS has a 10-megapixel CCD sensor and a comfortable ergonomic design which makes using it a breeze.


* 10 megapixels

* 20x optical zoom

* 28-56mm wide-angle lens

* Image stabilization

* 2.5-inch swivel-screen LCD

Depending on where you live, you might be interested to know that there is a nearly exact copy of the Canon SX10 available at the time of me writing this review only in Europe, the SX1 IS. If you are wondering what the difference between the two are, well its to do with its sensor.

The SX1 IS has a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of shooting video in Full HD (H.264) for a maximum of 60 minutes. It improves upon the SX10 IS by including an HDMI output for viewing those videos on an HDTV.

Canon SX10:Weight & Design

If the camera that you are currently using is a standard point and shoot and a ultra compact model, Then the first thing that you will notice about the SX10 is it size. To say that the SX10 is large is an understatement, and then you also have to take in how heavy it is. You will definitely want to use the included neck strap, because carrying around the SX10 around all day long can be a huge pain in the you know where.

You will love the way how the SX10 feels and shapes in to your hand, and you may also be pleased to hear that the SX10 has retained the right hand grip feature which has become the standard on many of the recent canon cameras.

The grip has a power button, and some slightly less important controls used for playback and small adjustments.There are quite a few dual buttons on show which are dependant on whether or not you are using the camera in shooting mode or playback these are shown by two coloured icons one white and the other blue.

Canon SX10 Performance:& Image Quality

Despite being an advanced camera the Canon SX10, is simple enough for you ( even if you are a novice) to understand and take great photos with. All of this is possible due to the automatic modes present on the camera.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous then you can play around with the aperture and shutter priority modes, and you also have a fully manual mode for when you feel like taking top quality photographs. Canon has even added a 'Custom' mode to the mode dial under 'C, ' this feature will allow you to program in your favourite camera configuration.

What all of these added features means to you is that you get an excellent camera, and the SX10 versatility allows you to take a wide variety of photos, from a simple picture of your wife or girl friend( and yes ladies you can take a picture of your partner to) to breath taking landscapes, or if your into your sports like I am, you will be able to take excellent photos of your favourite sporting hero's.

When you sum it all up the SX10 reputation is well deserved and it more than matches up to the S5 IS the camera that its meant to replace.

Canon SX10:20x Optical Zoom:

You probably don't me to tell you that the 20x optical zoom is the star selling point of the SX10.You will not be disappointed when you start using this feature.The 20x optical zoom is right up there with the best in its class, On a clear day you can take a shot of a airplane from many kilometres away and be stunned by your results.


Here's the deal, The Canon SX10 IS ticks most of the right boxes, however their are certain aspects of the design that could be improved upon. For instance when comparing it to the 20x Olympus SP-570 UZ, Canon could have offered more zoom control to complement its zoom power.

The toggle control which are a prominent feature on the Canon models are ok, but it is streets behind the SLR -like zoom ring of the SP-570 UZ. You also have to take in the fact that the SP-570 UZ weighs only 445 grams compared to the SX10 560 grams.

I would say that the Canon SX10 does what it says on the packet, meaning that you get a functional, powerful and fairly easy to use camera excellent for you if you have a keen to serious interest in photography.

It might not have all of the higher-end features of the SP-570 UZ, but it does have a more than impressive 20x optical zoom which you will enjoy playing around with. Just remember that the SX10 is a thick and weighty camera which will require you to wear a strap and case and its definitely not suited for taking quick pics on a night on the town.


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