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Digital Cameras Under $100

Updated on January 20, 2008

Digital cameras are the best way to enjoy unlimited picture taking. The initial cost of purchasing a camera is the most substantial but after that the costs are very low. Unfortunate photos can be deleted while the great ones are kept without spending a dime. Sharing the photos can also be without cost. No need for duplicates-just attach them to an email, burn them to a CD or DVD or display them on your TV.

Some digital cameras are priced lower than others. However, no matter how good the price sounds there are some features that are must haves. Without these features the digital camera will not be as functional as you will probably want. Before lying down your hard earned dollars look for these features:

  • LCD screens are necessary to view your digital photos on the go. Larger is better but for a lower priced digital camera you will probably get one that is approximately 1.5 inches,
  • Built in Flash is important so that digital photos can be taken in doors and in low light conditions. Without enough light a digital photo will be dark and blurry.
  • Memory Card Slot for extended digital photo storage. A memory card also makes sharing the digital photos easier.
  • Batteries can be either a lithium ion or alkaline. Battery life is important especially if your charger is not handy.
  • Zoom whether digital or optical is important. Optical zoom is best but it should not be a deal breaker.
  • Software allows you to edit your digital photos for such things as red-eye. The included software will have specific features that work well with your specific digital camera.
  • Anti Shake is a great feature that is found on many digital cameras. It makes clear crisp photos easier to achieve.

Now let's start shopping!

The GE A730 Digital Camera is well rated by users. In fact it sounds pretty nice for a price of under $100.00. It is a very impressive 7MP with an LCD measures 2.5 inches. The 3x optical zoom as well as a 4.8x digital zoom is more than most digital cameras. Built in features include red-eye correction, photo stitching, Panorama mode and face tracking. Colors include black and pink.

The Kodak Easyshare C613 eases the mind of new digital camera users. Kodak is a name they trust and this little digital camera seems to please. It is a 6.2 megapixel - a bit smaller than the GE A730 but for most people this is not bog deal. The 2.5 inch LCD is more than adequate and the 3x optical zoom and the 5x digital zoom keep digital photo quality even when cropping. This camera has several shooting modes and has some manual settings in addition to automatic settings.

The HP Photosmart M447 is another digital camera that sells for under $100 that gives users good things to say. This 5 megapixel camera has a 2.4 inch LCD. There is a 3x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom. There are multiple shooting modes and red eye can be edited right in the camera.

These are examples of digital cameras that can be purchased for under $100. They all have impressive features including large megapixel counts, large LCD screens, both optical and digital zooms, multiple shooting modes and even anti-shake features.

I suggest paying close attention to comments made by current users. Be aware that some people want to pay under $100 for a high end digital camera so balance what they say with what you would expect.

These cameras would be great to take on trips where you may worry about damaging your more expensive one. They are also good digital cameras to let the younger set start with. The prices are actually pretty close to some of the "kid" digital cameras. One thing to consider though if buying for a child is that the construction may not be as strong as one made to be dropped and treated rough.


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      9 years ago

      Great post on cameras under $100. Until I started focusing on products under $100, I did not realize how many great bargains there are out there in the market.


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