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Digital Defense you can trust

Updated on July 31, 2015

Digital crime is on the rise

Digital crime is the fastest rising form of crime. The bad guys have learned that they can steal more than your valuables. They're after:

  • Your credit
  • Your identity
  • Your children's identity
  • Health insurance in your name
  • Your money
  • Your livelihood
  • Your children

Protect yourself today with Digital Defense at, the newest and most comprehensive plan you can buy.

Protection you can count on

Digital Defense is the most comprehensive protection you can buy. It protects:

  • Your credit
  • Your identity
  • Your children's credit
  • Your children's identity
  • Your electronic devices
  • Your social media profile
  • Your children's social media profile
  • Digital wallet

Never before has a service been as comprehensive as Digital Defense.

Comparing plans

I poured through the fine print for other companies such as Lifelock, Total Protection, and IdentityForce. None of them remotely cover as much or offer as many extra services as Digital Protection does. I also signed up for things like and Equifax credit monitoring. Whenever there is a questionable credit problem, they are hours, and many times days later than Digital Defense at letting me know there has been a change in my credit.

No plan available covers as much as Digital Defense, has the security in place like Digital Defense, and if something does go wrong, no one fights it for me like Digital Defense.

The best plan I have found

5 stars for Digital Defense

Digital crime is on the rise

Digital Defense


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