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Photography 101 For Young Kids

Updated on April 1, 2017
Sasha Obama, blocks her sister Malia's viewfinder.  Malia got interested in photography at an early age.
Sasha Obama, blocks her sister Malia's viewfinder. Malia got interested in photography at an early age. | Source

Use Digital Camera To Introduce Kids To Photography

Compact digital camera sales continue to go down, thanks to smartphones and their powerful camera option. Professional photographers who have bags full of all kinds of photo accessories also use their smartphones as a back-up.

However, there is no need to throw away your digital camera. You can use it to give young kids basic photography lessons.

  • ask them to bring the family digital camera.
  • explain what digital means and how we used to buy film to put in cameras.
  • show them the charger cable and how to charge the digital camera.
  • tell them about warning colours. what does green and red mean?
  • show them how to clean digital camera with a soft cloth
  • tell them about the viewfinder. what do they see in there?
  • show them where to click when taking a picture.
  • explain all the knobs on top or the side of the camera.
  • show them how to download photos to a computer.
  • tell them about photography assignments you'll undertake together.
  • assignments will be based on what they like, e.g. visiting grandma or the duck pond.

Special Digital Cameras

  • You need a dedicated family digital camera if there are kids around.

  • Give it a name: Cindy’s camera.

  • Buy Cindy’s parents a camera if she doesn’t live with you.

  • Everybody took a photo when baby Cindy attempted to stand up then fell flat on her padded bum. You cannot find it because it is in someone’s mobile phone and they don’t have time to scroll their photo gallery and send it to you.

  • Train family members to use it, especially when Cindy is up to her tricks like trying to walk.

  • Cindy’s camera must always be charged and empty.

  • My first digital camera forced me to delete constantly because I couldn’t use it when it was full.

  • View photos on Cindy’s camera, drop them in a file on your computer, date them and delete.

Photographs Called Selfies

You don’t need somebody to take a picture of you because you can now do it yourself, using your cell phone.

A selfie (/ˈselfiː/) [1] is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They are usually flattering and made to appear casual. SOURCE: Wikipedia.

This article was written before selfies became popular. Organized storage is still important whether it is selfies or photos taken by someone else.

Organize Cell Phone Photos

Mobile phones are for capture only, not storage. It is important to go back to basics.

Shoot. Download. Delete.

That is the optimal use of your mobile phone camera. You cannot find photos you took at your daughter’s graduation because you don’t have a system of storing digital photos. Your parents had an old school family album and it’s still there in a brown Louis Vuitton look-alike suitcase.

E-mail, Twitter, Facebook and places like Flickr are also responsible for not storing digital photos properly. Android phones allow us to shoot and share instantly.

Vacuum Mobile Phone

  • It’s time to delete all those unwanted photos from your mobile phone. Hook it up to your computer to get clearer images. Watch and delete what is out of focus and where heads are cut off. Choose the best shot from the same scene, let’s say your friend rowing a boat. My phone camera does that for me and I delete the rest.

  • Drop what you want to keep in the computer file called Canada Day 2014 or 4th of July. Open a Bastille Day 14 July file, if you are in France.

  • Involve kids and grandkids if you have any. Tell them you are preparing a big pot of beef stew with polenta. You’ll also throw in a chicken salad with crushed cashew nuts for those on a perpetual diet.

  • Hook up your phone to the TV. Tell them about mission delete. They must choose which family photos they would like to keep.

  • Your son or niece should write down numbers of the digital clip. Your mobile phone photos have numbers. The first photo you took might be 00050. Next is 0051. 0052. 0053.

  • Your assistant should record that 0052 is the most liked photo. Finding it with that number is easier than scrolling up and down the phone.

  • Transfer saved photos to a new file, ‘family album’ and date it.

Creating Digital Albums

  • You have all your saved photos ready for the digital album. Next step is writing a story board or preparing a screenplay.

  • This will enable you to plan the album. A photo of Cindy when she was six months obviously comes before the one when she tried to stand up.

  • Make a still photos movie or album called Cindy – Two Year Tornado

  • Your computer should make it possible for you to choose photos, drop them in the timeline and add some music.

  • My computer has Windows Live Photo Gallery. I chose the movie icon, followed the prompt until I came to save and play.

  • If not, hire an editor so that you can have a polished product.

  • Cindy’s parents should host a real dinner to screen the finished photo digital album. No crackers and cheese please. Life is too short.

  • A big screen television set gives wonderful viewing.

  • Send the collage by e-mail but make sure to back-up. Store photo digital albums on your flash drive or memory stick. Computers made in 2013 and 2014 still have two or more USB ports. That is where you plug in flash drives.

Rewards of Digital Photo Albums

  • They make wonderful gifts.

  • They encourage you to learn more about your mobile phone and computer.

  • They instil a love for photography.

  • They prick your mind. Tell yourself. I could also make a digital photo album of my garden. How it looks in the fall, winter and spring.

Videos: The planning we discussed in this hub also applies to YouTube videos.


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