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Digital Picture Frames - Matsunichi or Phillips - cost vs style

Updated on May 6, 2007

How to use a Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frames by Matsunichi and Phillips

Digital Picture Frame Matsunichi and Phillips
Digital Picture Frame Matsunichi and Phillips

Digital Picture Frames - Matsunichi or Phillips - cost vs style

Pictures are worth a 1000 words but if they are stored away in books, drawers, digital cameras, storage devices or computers the stories they tell might never be told. Not only is there a better way to share and display treasured memories but now you can add music and video to the mix. Digital picture frames negate the need for a PC. A digital picture frame can read directly from a digital memory card, digital files can be downloaded directly, and they can play MP3s and video.

Even in decors that defy anything digital there are digital picture frames that will compliment them. Matsunichi and Phillips manufacture several sizes and finishes to suit the traditional, the modern as well as tastes anywhere between.

Matsynichi offers digital picture frames in several sizes. The collection includes models ranging from a 5.6 inch, a 7 inch, an 8 inch and a 10.2 inch. Each one ships with two interchangeable frames - one in cherry wood and one in black. Features of these frames include support for multiple media cards, remote control and built in speakers to play MP3 and video (MPEG4). Digital pictures can be displayed static with or without music one at a time or they can be seen as a slideshow again with or without music. Transitions between pictures, zooming in and out, horizontal or vertical display, looping and shuffle can be remotely controlled.

Matsynichi also sells iPod accessories. The iPS Series - iPS7 is a portable iPod Docking Station that has a 7 inch LCD and built in speakers. The iPF series not only work with your home entertainment system but it also acts as a Digital Picture frame - one measuring 7 inches and the other measuring 10.2 inches.

PHILLIPS, already known for their high end electronics, has a collection of digital picture frames that should satisfy the taste of any techie. The collection includes a 6.5 inch, a 7 inch and an 8 inch with multiple finishes including clear, clear with flowers, milk, metal or wood. JPEG digital pictures up to 12-megapixel is supported by these frames and can be viewed for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge. An included AC power adapter is included for long term viewing without interruption.

Like the Matsunichi, the Phillips Digital Picture frames support multiple digital media cards (including memory sticks) so that you do not need a computer. It also has a USB connection for downloading files from a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, MAC OS X or Linux.

The LCD screens easily adjust for the brightness of the light of any location. Pictures can be displayed in landscape, in portrait, as thumbnails or as a slide show at viewing angles up to 170 degrees. Preset the times that you want the pictures to display. Settings are manual or by remote control.

Digital Picture frames are a great choice for many people. For example, parents or other family members that do not have nor do they plan to have a computer. The frames are easily set up and are easily updated with new pictures so even those with very limited computer experience should be able to operate them on their own. The prices may be the major downside. A nice large monitor (19 inches or larger) can be had for nearly the same price. Since I think a computer is at home in any room I'd just go with a large monitor to display digital pictures, but for those that do not agree with my decorating tastes, these decorative digital picture frames would fit well in any room.

Digital Picture Frames


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    • profile image

      Picture Glass Frames 7 years ago

      Depending on the difference in cost, I would probably go for the cheaper one. But if the price difference was just a dollar or two, I'd go for style!

      Great hub!

    • profile image

      wajay_47 10 years ago

      Nice article, very informative. Thanks Debbie