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Directory Submission Tools - Never Use Them

Updated on April 15, 2013

Directory submission is an old fashioned SEO tactics but still people do directory submissions to get some backlinks. Few years back directory submissions was considered to be a good link building tactic and webmasters deployed this to earn backlinks and improve their search engine rankings. As lot of SEO specialist tried to implement this, a lot of directories came into existence. As a large number of directories surfaced on the scene the quality of these directories came to be questioned. Most of these directories were of low quality with no page rank and authority. A lot of SEO guys over used directory submissions by submitting into these low quality directories and as a result Google took note of this and started ignoring most of the directories.

Now SEOs take care in submitting mainly to directories which have good page rank and are capable of bringing some sort of traffic. Still they submit to a large number of directories hoping to get some ranking from search engines other than Google. Submitting to a large number of directories manually consumes a lot of time and as a result there came so many softwares which automatically submitted sites to directories.

These directory submission softwares submits the sites into a large number of directories within a short span of time and that came as a great relief for the SEOs. The directory submission tools also provide a decent submission report and it became easy for search engine optimizers to evaluate their directory submission campaigns.

But in my humble opinion, it is really hazardous to use a fully automated directory submission tool to submit sites in directories. If you want to submit your website to directories do it manually rather than relying on directories. Most of the high quality directories employs many spam prevention strategies such as captcha codes, security questions etc. The directory submission tools would not be able to break these captcha codes and subsequently fails to submit in the high quality sites. Most of the new and low quality directories do not implement any security measures to tackle spam. So the directories to which a directory submission software submits your site would not need to be necessarily good directories. As a result your website would get submitted to some low quality directories which do not have any search engine value at all.

Getting your sites into directories which do not have any search engine values does not make sense and it may further damage your search engine ranking. Most of the cheap web directories are penalized or black listed by Google and getting listed in a site that is black listed in Google creates serious damages to your website. Chances are also there that your site may get into irrelevant categories in these directories which may even worsen the ranking of your website.

So next time when you plan to do directory submission, do it manually rather than relying on directory submission softwares or tools. Also try to select a list of good directories that have good traffic and page rank. Then submit your websites into these directories and track the results.


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    • ShaamCA profile image

      ShaamCA 5 years ago from India

      Really an useful information .thanks for the kind advice

    • profile image

      bestseoservices 6 years ago

      Thanks for spending your time..........Very good contents

    • profile image

      seoshub 6 years ago

      Hi, thanks for your advice.............and thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      No Win No Fee Claims 7 years ago

      Very good advice, the key to Google is doing it manually, each time. Then, Google will like you.

    • profile image

      seoofpage123 7 years ago

      I agree‚ many thanks to the author. Thanks for taking the time to share this‚Great blog post. Thanks..