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Disadvantages of Country Code Top Level Domain Names

Updated on July 21, 2010

Country Code Top Level Domains

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has assigned every country a local domain name extension. Thus, we have dot UK, dot US and so forth. These country code top-level domains are good if you intend to limit your business to a specific country. However, why anyone would want to limit his or her business to a specific country today is beyond understanding. If you really want to succeed and sell to a global market, avoid country code domains and go for a high quality generic domain name, preferably a dot com.

When you have a product or service that has the potential to interest a global audience, you should always acquire a high quality generic domain name. If your preferred name is already registered then you should make it a point to buy one from the domain secondary market.

One of the major disadvantages with country code domains is that they do not instill confidence in website visitors. When someone visits your site, you must make your pitch in the shortest time possible and get them to take the action intended. You do not want them distracted by issues such as a domain name ending with a weird looking extension. Before somebody whips out their credit card, they need to be convinced that you are legit. A domain name ending in an extension that is not easily recognizable appears suspect and a visitor may refrain despite your pitch. You can avoid this by going with a high quality generic domain name.

The other major issue with country code domain names is the propensity to lose traffic especially if your product is international in nature. You can work hard and build an excellent product or service; someone else can then copy your product and register a high quality generic dot com using the same names as your country code domain. When visitors type in the site address looking for your site, they will end up at your competitor because most visitors shall mistakenly assume you site is a dot com. You do all the work only for your competitor to reap all the benefits. Many amateurs have made this costly mistake and realized too late.

The fact that most web users easily confuse country code domains as being dot coms leads to transmission of sensitive and personal data to the wrong people. Your clients may erroneously send sensitive data to criminals. If this data is then used for criminal activity, clients will wrongly associate you with criminal activity. By the time you clear up the confusion, the damage will be done.

Therefore, to avoid being the victim of such nasty outcomes it is best to avoid using a country code domain for your internet business. Your best bet for success lies in a high quality generic domain name.


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