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Disco Zoo App Review

Updated on March 9, 2014

Disco Zoo Banner



Today I am reviewing the newest app by Nimblebit, 'Disco Zoo'. You may have heard of the company before as they are the creator of bit apps such as Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. These have both been highly rated and are still very popular. The app is free to download and only around 50mb in size.

The app is based on a zoo that you are the owner of. You must collect animals by finding pictures of them in large flipped squares. You can upgrade your helicopter to find more animals and rank up. They sleep every so often and must be woken up in order to collect coins. For each animal comes a standalone habitat which is built for free. The disco is when for a 'buck' (highly valuable purchasable currency) or more you can wake up all animals and double their coin productivity.

You collect as many animals as possible in order to grow your zoo. This is the whole idea of the newly released game. Since the game is free you can speed up your progress significantly by buying currency and speeding up building etc. This system makes the game feel very cheap and not as professional as I would like it to be. I was expecting very high standards from this company but unfortunately was left feeling empty at the unfulfilled promises. I also feel that they used this app as a 'cash cow' trying to earn as much money as possible.

We can also see that this game does not have much real substance. It feels very empty and has absolutely no storyline and the plot is very poor. There are good features as you can now see unlike many of the 'Nimblebit' apps, you do not require an online connection to play which is a step in the right direction.

In conclusion, I think this is not targeted towards people over the age of 13 as it is very childish. It can also ware off very quickly as the only benefits of levelling up a zoo is more animals which incurs more money. It has an obnoxious repetitive nature that drives me insane as there is such a limited amount of options that the player can do. Overall, I would not recommend this app for anyone who is over the age of 11. I would give it a 6/10 because of the outlined reasons above.

Disco Zoo HD Gameplay

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    • Byron Wolf profile image

      Byron Wolf 3 years ago

      Looks cute! though I see how it could get repetitive.