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Discover How SEO Experts Increase Blog Traffic Effortlessly

Updated on November 25, 2014

With so much information being freely available on the internet these days, isn't it peculiar that so many website owners still battle to drive visitors to their sites? They build or buy a great looking site hoping that soon they will be making truck loads of money, but sadly it doesn't happen.

Many of these people have done a considerable amount of research before settling on a particular niche. They know that there is a great deal of demand for their products or services; they've supposedly followed all the right procedures, and yet the visitors just don't seem to arrive?

If you are one of these website owners struggling to generate traffic for your site, my advice would be for you to take a closer look at some SEO basics. After all, there are many SEO specialists out there who are capable of increasing website traffic almost overnight. Now, I'm not saying there is some sort of magic solution because there isn't.

What I am saying though, is that if your SEO is sloppy, then traffic simply won't be arriving at your site. Quite often, a lack of traffic can be traced to just a handful of common faults; mistakes which so many website owners fall victim to. Let's take a look at some of the most common traffic killers:

Failing To Deliver On Your Promises

If you promise people something, then make sure you deliver. Article marketing for example can be a fantastic tool for increasing traffic. In fact, well written articles can increase blog traffic dramatically, but you need to abide by certain rules.

If the title of an article promises to reveal FIVE useful tips or solutions, then the article had better reveal those five special tips or solutions. If a reader doesn't see what you have promised, they'll never even consider clicking on any links to your site.

The same applies when referring people to your site. Of course you can convince someone to click on your link, but if they arrive on your site and it has nothing to do with what they are interested in, they'll be gone in a flash. So many website owners do this, and little do they realize just how much harm it can cause.

Failing To Provide Fresh Content

In order for visitors to return to your site time and time again, you need to give them something to look forward to. Not only must you post fresh content on a regular basis, but you must also strive to be creative in other ways as well.

For example, let all your visitors know that you'll be offering them a free eBook on a given date, or let them know you’re currently working on a nice video, and let them know when it will be available for viewing. In short, you don’t want people to forget all about your site.

Also, depending on the sort of blog you have, much of the information which was once up to date might not even be relevant a year or two down the line. Search engine optimization is a perfect example of this. An article written 10 years ago about SEO won’t be of any use to anyone today.

Aggressive Advertising

Aggressive advertising is not going to help you increase blog traffic. If anything, it is going to destroy traffic to your site. Of course you need to advertise, and of course you need to encourage people to buy your products or services, but there is a right way and a wrong way.

Subtle and classy advertising is way more effective than "in your face" advertising. Some website owners still insist on using Pop-Ups for advertizing purposes, but how many people actually click on them. Personally, I find them extremely annoying, and I'll usually leave a site immediately because of them.

In this post I've only really discussed three common things which can adversely affect the amount of traffic your site enjoys. However, there are also many things you can do to further enhance your chances of increasing traffic. SEO is actually quite fascinating, but it can also be hard work because you will never reach a point where you can leave it to run on autopilot.


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