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Dish Network Changes a Town's Name

Updated on April 27, 2013

This is kinda quirky and extreme from a marketing point of view, but the town of Clark, Texas, agreed to it and signed off on the agreement with Dish satellite TV. The town is near Ft. Worth, has 201 residents and is two square miles- not exactly Mayberry, even. The town has 55 homes.

Back in 2005, the agreement was struck and in exchange for changing the town's name to Dish, all the residents got free basic satellite TV, installation and digital recorders. The town advertises it to be the only place where there free satellite TV, so come on down and move in. The contract is for 10 years, so you better hurry to Dish, Texas.

Just to be clear, if you want HBO or other non-basic channels- you gotta pay! Not everyone in the town has to have Dish, many have DirecTV. The odd thing about Dish, Texas, is that most of its residents get their mail in Justin, which is nearby which has stores to shop at that Dish does not.

Before Clark, Texas became Dish, Texas, the town in 2005, the town became a town in 2000. Dish is not the first town to be named after a popular item, in 1950 when Hot Springs, N.M., voted 1,294-295 to change its name to Truth or Consequences, after the very popular TV show.


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