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Do AdSense approval tricks really work

Updated on January 14, 2015

Search on Google regarding ways to get AdSense account and you will see a number of websites claiming to give you shortcuts to get AdSense account. You will even find some websites selling AdSense account for Rs 1000- 2000. Some of these websites even appear at the top of search engines. Now the big question is are there any real shortcuts to get AdSense account? In this post I will discuss in detail about getting AdSense approved easily.

Is it safe to purchase AdSense account online?

First of all let us talk of AdSense account for sale. I had seen many such websites offering AdSense accounts at cheap prices. These even claim to give AdSense account in a day or too. Everyone knows that people like shortcuts and that is where the scammers make huge profit. First of all getting AdSense approved is really very easy. You need not pay anyone to get AdSense approved for you. These people offering AdSense accounts use illegal methods to get AdSense approved and your account is always at a risk of getting banned. Thus in my opinion it is not safe to purchase AdSense account online. You can get AdSense approved easily with a little effort and some patience.

How to get AdSense approved easily?

Here are some of the ways to get AdSense approved easily.

1. Make a blogspot website. For this go to and log in with gmail id. Then start adding content to your website slowly and make sure that you write original content. Also add a privacy poilcy for your website(required for AdSense approval).
Now once you start getting about 200 daily page views you can apply for AdSense and most probably you will get approved. Here there is one criteria of website being six months old but in my opinon if your content is unique and original then you may get approved before six months.( This has happened to me and I got AdSense approved in three months).
2. The second way to get AdSense approval easily is applying through AdSense revenue sharing websites.

If you are having any problem in getting AdSense approved you can post below as comment. I will help you and feel happy doing so.


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