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Do we really need internet on our phone and at home?

Updated on December 30, 2010

Getting rid of land line phones was the first step. Next up, getting rid of the PC or Laptop. My last cell phone bill was $117, for an all-inclusive unlimited package. Is that too much? Do i really talk that much? Text that much? to warrant almost spending $1,500 a year to keep in touch with people? Add onto the cell phone bill an additional $45 a month for high-speed internet access and you're talking close to $2,000 a year for staying plugged in.

I think the time is coming to take a stand and pick one or the other....internet on the phone, or lap-top at home. Having both seems to be redundant and an unecessary expense. So what is the appeal to having wi-fi at home and paying for it through your phone? Obviously a bigger monitor for viewing pleasure, an easier to use keyboard, somewhat faster service....but outside of aesthetics, there really is no difference. Functionality is about the same, wether used to look up an address, find a restaurant, trade stocks, etc, etc, the time of wi-fi and lap-tops is coming to an end. But like all emerging trends and technology, we're stuck in a time where we're still tied to the home computer. Between both devices, we have more access than we can use, which in turn means that one is always sitting idle.

The only near term draw-back i can see for cutting home wi-fi access would be the emergence of internet based TV and movie's. However, I can forsee that current cable product offering by the Comcasts, Time Warner's, etc may morph into an economy of scales where cable and internet are essentially the same product, thus reducing the cost for cable and subsequently eliminating the need for a home computer.

However, emerging currently is the ability to watch movies on mobile devices. Netflix is developing an app for phones to stream movies on handheld devices. The increasing capabilities and economies of scale for mobile devices looks promising that the need to overpay for two bills for essentially the same service is coming to an end. Time will tell what's in store, but for now, I think age is upon us where mobile devices will hold the dominant market share.

As a true cost cutter and investor I'm looking forward to the day to tell the cable company I quit. No more 4 hour service windows when something goes wrong, or service cuts out. The smartphone revolultion is here and will forever change the way we incorporate media and connectivity into our lives.


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    • dir3kt0r profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting info...


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