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Rock MySpace

Updated on October 28, 2009

How To Add Music To MySpace Page

Nearly every aspect of your MySpace page represents your personality. You've spent countless hours getting everything just right. There's just one thing missing – your favorite music.

The process of adding music to your MySpace page is simple but the choices are vast. Unless you have limited tastes in music, plan to spend a couple of hours exploring the genres – they are all represented.

One note of caution that should be applied to EVERY website. Make sure you have not been hijacked into some fake site. Keep an eye on URL (in the address bar of your browser) and make sure there is little, if any, deviation in the address. You may see and it be correct while may be a fake. These are just examples I made up but if you remain aware, you'll quickly spot fakes.

This article will focus only on adding music but the multitude of options you will see while following these instructions will operate in the same manner.

Unless you have limited tastes in music, plan to spend a couple of hours exploring the genres – they are all represented.

Start by logging into your MySpace profile.

Click on Music and it will bring up My Music, Featured Playlists, Top Artists, Music Videos, Karaoke, Shows and Forums, In The News, Music Blogs and Artists' Activity for artists you are following.

Here your choices begin...

  • Click on My Music: the middle gray panel has “create and edit your personal playlists.” The pull down “Browse by” for the options of “Recently added songs by friends, Top Songs – Major, Top Songs – Indie, Top Songs – Unsigned.”
  • Click on Top Artists: the MySpace Music area where you'll find “Music Videos, Directory, Top Artists, Shows, Music Forums, Music Classifieds and Artist Sign-up” will appear. This area will have a red header across the top of the page.

Either music page will work.

The quickest way to find your song and/or artist is the search engine in the upper right-hand corner in MySpace Music. You can, however, choose the first search box on the left and browse by genre.

If you search, scroll down the (results) page until you see a section entitled “Songs”. You will likely pass sponsored links, official artist site, music videos and albums on the way down the page.

Find the desired song and click on the plus sign (+) to add the song. Often you can purchase the song by using a button next to the plus sign.

After clicking the plus sign, a pop-up box asks you to choose your playlist. My Profile Playlist is the default in the pull-down. You can add a custom playlist just below with the option of making it private (otherwise your friends can see it). Then select ok.

A new pop-up will ask “add this single song to your profile or create a profile playlist” then notes: “profile playlists require a bigger player on your profile.” Make your selection and return to selecting songs.

If you are unsure the song is the one you want, click on the title. The album will load on a new page and you can listen to any song on the album. The add and buy buttons are still available.

You can have up to 10 songs on your MySpace Music playlist.

As previously noted, you can purchase and download albums and individual songs. Select the 'buy' button and another pop-up provides the prices and various websites from which you can complete your purchase.

Have fun!

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