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Domain Purchases For Websites

Updated on April 12, 2009

Where to Purchase Domains

There are many sites on the web that will allow someone to purchase a website domain for little to nothing per year for you to own the rights to that specific website url or domain. You want to find a site that has no limit for how much you can transfer to your page per day and that will allow you to host the website for little to nothing also. I have found that you can purchase a cheap website domain thru for little to nothing to own for the year. I have not personally used this website but do know several people who use this site and have great success with them. I have not owned my own website but my friends who do, Always use the best that they can get for a small amount of money. Many people who are willing to put a little bit of time and effort into making a website are able to understand in just a short time how to build themselves a decent webpage. Many more sites that have domain's for purchase are as follows:




If you do a search on google or yahoo you will find many more websites that have many more to offer than what I have listed here. There is always a place on ebay to purchase your own website domain.

Advantages Of Your Own Web Domain

There are some advantages of owning your own website domain. One advantage of owning your own web address is that you can participate easier with certain google services. Such as Google's Adsense program. Since google has been working with people like you and I there have been more and more people using such web domains to make profits from something that they have to offer someone like me and you that will help us to educate ourselves in the process of making themselves a buck or two. Or more. I personally dont like the responsability of having to run my won website. I like the advantage of just posting a article like the one here and being able to just leave it up and have other people comment on it rather then having to create my own website and content that I dont think someone is even going to read anyways. I do think that if you are in to make a large amount of money then you definatly want to own your own website domain and will want to purchase your own unique website address. I have done some research to see what I thought of purchasing my own website address and seen that it is pretty easy to establish a website of your own, All you need to do is to set up an account with whomever you want to purchase your site from. Pay the fee for the year, and then decide how you want to host it. When you are done doing this many of the sites also offer easy to use templates to create your own website. If you cant do what you want using one of their templates there are many places on the web that will create the html that you will be needing or if you use microsoft office you could use Microsoft Frontpage to create your own website.

I personally Like using Frontpage. Ever since it came out years and years ago I was always using this website program to create my website documents for people that needed to have sites created for their personal use or for buisiness uses.

Adding to your domain.

There are many items that you can add to any domain from just about any site these days. Many sites offer a free code to post to your website domain or to post on your page for a simple link to their page. Many choices that people choose are to add a blog to their page so it is easier to keep everyone posted on things going on either in their buisiness or in their personal life and choices they have had to make previously. All the stars these days are even blogging to keep everyone up to date on everything going on right down to Kellie Pickler blogging about her shoe obsession and fashion choices. Taylor Swift Blogs about her friends and tour dates and what is going on in her life on daily basis. Many other websites offer blog services. Another one that most people are adding to their site is a toolbar choice. You can find plenty of sites that offer to help you create your own toolbar for just a little sponsorship on your page. There will be plenty of options for you to choose what exactly it is that you are looking for while designing a website domain. I highly suggest you do your homework to find out just how to design the right kind of layout that is going to make you the most money possible. Once again there will be sites that you can find that can give you all the tips that you need to create a successful website. I wish you the best on reading up on all your choices and learning what to do with your site. I hope I helped you out just alittle bit.


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    • SuperDomains profile image

      SuperDomains 6 years ago from - - Atlanta, GA

      Yes, you did help us out a bit more than you think. Thanks for the useful info and insights.