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Domain Registration In India: A Buyer’s Guide

Updated on June 12, 2011

Domain Registration In India: The scene

India is currently trying to promote website domain registry using the .INRegistry. There are few benefits to registering your domain in India using the Indian government’s own .INRegistry. The first benefit is that more name availability. For example, is definitely taken, but might not be. This simple perk easily doubles the amount of names that you can choose for your domain. The other major perk about registering your domain with .INRegistry is that people can visit the site with more trust. i.e., read all the content knowing that it’s written in India or written for India, so can gauge authority on country specific information.

The one major pitfall to an .in domain is that many times, people (Usually a mass who does not have enough experience in internet) may expect a website to end in a traditional .com suffix. So instead of directing traffic to, you might accidentally direct traffic to With careful marketing, this problem can be addressed to a good extend.

For business owners who are looking to get a new branch of business started in India, a domain registered in India can be a smart move. Domain owners do not have to be citizens of India in order to register a .in domain, nor do they even have to be in India at all. Most registrars will also accept payments of equal value from other countries. In other words, you can register your domain in dollars, euros, or yen if necessary.

Domain Registration In India: Facts

The money that is spent at .INRegistry goes to NIXI, a non-profit organization which focuses on improving internet activity all over the country.

When choosing an internet registry service that is based in India, it’s extremely important to get an accredited registrar. There have been cases where business owners have paid lots of money to registrars who never actually registered the domains that were bought. .INRegistry has a long list of accredited registrars which offer a variety of options for customers. Asking internet buffs from India for references for a good accredited domain registrar is a great way to get good advice on which service to choose. The more you know about a domain registrar’s services, reputation, and abilities, the more confident you will become in registering your .in domain.

Some of the domain registrars that offer domain registry in India are well-known throughout the world. Prices on domains can vary greatly, so it’s a smart idea to shop around.

.INRegistry offers different domains. A third level domain has two “bits” to it. For example, would be a third level domain. A second level domain only has .in as a suffix. Third level domains can have many different endings, including,,, and Certain suffixes are reserved for qualified institutions, and can only be gotten with special permission. These include academic and government institutions.

Prices for domain registry start at 250 rupees for a third level domain, and 350 rupees for a second level domain. In American dollars, this means registry starts at around 5.55 for a third level domain, and 7.77 for second level domains. Many registrars will offer add-ons, tools for web development and special offers. Savvy business owners should ask domain registry services what bonuses are included with every domain registry. Considering the low cost of registry, it comes as no surprise that one of the best benefits of registering a domain in India.

Even if your business is not centered out of India, registering a domain in India is a definite option to consider. It’s affordable, your site’s name is very likely available, and it’s very convenient for every nationality. When all the bonuses are taken into account, it’s easy to see why many business owners both in India and abroad are registering sites with .INRegistry accredited registrars.

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