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Downloading Office so I Can Have Word Again

Updated on January 4, 2016

I Bought a Key Code for my Download

It seems so simple to get Office 365. Perhaps it is, for someone who is not using a Jetpack for their internet. I decided to make this page while waiting for the download to complete. At this point in my download, I'm now at 22 percent installed.

This computer, when it had its other hard drive, used 4 GB of data to download Office 365 and it didn't complete the download. It stopped at 80 percent and I was unable to complete the download.

Complete choke.

I'm Old School, I Admit It

Back in the 'olden days', it was so convenient to just get a CD. Put it in the CD drive on your computer. Download the install and wait until it completely installed. Then, you went online and completed the transaction.

I really don't feel good about the fact that I must download everything that I need. These downloads take forever with a Jetpack and sometimes, the Jetpack will stop downloading and lose my internet connection.

Olden Days - I Laugh Out Loud

You realize that the olden days that I am talking about are a mere ten years ago. My experience with computer goes back to 1970 when I was allowed to watch the local lumber mill secretary complete her computing transactions with a teletype machine.

It was a complicated, large machine with oodles of buttons. It wasn't tall. She sat next to it and ran the rows of buttons with expertise, her fingers finding the keys almost effortlessly and the process created invoices right and left for the mills various customers.

She was good at it and inspired me to seek out teletype machines all over the place. My family moved a lot and my father worked for various colleges in their Carpenter Shops as a Maintenance Foreman. He was good at his jobs.

I became good at finding computers and my favorite game to play was Oregon Trail. This was the game of the decade I think.

Oregon Trail

I actually own a disk with Oregon Trail on it. I think it is a Windows 95 application and I haven't tried to put it on my Windows 10 computer, but I may have to try. It may be unsupported, but the game used to be quite entertaining.

From what I remember of it. You were a pioneer. Your quest was to travel across America in the early days, like the 1800's with a wagon. You needed to gather the supplies you needed to survive your trip through thick and thin.

Warning: the game was set up that if you didn't do it right, you died.

Yeah. You died. You read that right.

Update: My Download is at 28 Percent

I am a fast typist, but the download has only managed to get to 28 percent. It probably is an advantage to keep moving the keys on my keyboard as I type this as my jetpack is extremely attuned to lapses in my keyboarding.

If I don't keyboard, it shuts off. Like a lazy brat. I'm not overly impressed by it, but I live in a remote area where there is no other internet.

I mean... if I have my better half chop a few trees down in our yard, it may pick up a signal from some remote satelite out in space, but don't hold my breath.

Wow... the Download is Now at 40 Percent

My computer cautions me that I can use my programs, but I am extremely forbidden to go offline or restart my computer.

Things will fail if I do so.

Sounds like a threat. I better listen to it.

I'll Be Right Back

I have to use the rest room, so I will be back shortly. Don't worry. You'll know when I'm back because I will start a new paragraph for you to read.

Relax. I see the download is at 42 percent now.

I'm Back

It's still at 42 percent. I'm sure it will start up again now that I am yapping at the keyboard again. The last time, with this computer, with the old hard drive, it seemed like it took forever. In fact, let me call my jetpack phone number and see how much data I am using up this time.

Ohh... 43 percent.. I'm gaining..

Ok. Dialing my usage number.

I dialed it before I started and my usage was at 1.067 GB. Ok. 44 percent now.

I'm not quite half way there yet.

Yes. 45 Percent

Perhaps I should post some pictures for something to do.

This is What I See When I Wait


The Instructions Were Simple


I Had to Select the Big Orange Button to Start


47 Percent - Woot Woot

Still the same message. Oh, look 48 percent.

Thank you for staying with me as I go through this experience. I think I will call my jetpack and see how much data I am using.

Bear with me. Dialing.. ring, Welcome to Verizon Wireless and the Para continuar in Espanol..

A Voicemail Message: 1.407 is my total download at the moment.

Oh. It's Has Reached the Half Way Point

Yes. 50 percent. I'm exactly half way completed on my download. It is 7:33 p.m. and I don't really stay up much later than this on a work night. I have to go to bed a little earlier, since I get up at 3:15 a.m. on a daily basis so I can get to work by 4:45 a.m. I punch in at 5 a.m. on a regular basis, unless I am working overtime, then I punch in by 4 a.m., but then, that requires resetting my alarm to wake me up at 2:15 a.m.

Gotta shower, feed the dogs, get myself ready. My routine.

Must Be Doing Something Right

It's still downloading. It's been at 50 percent for a while. Probably three minutes. You never know.

52 Percent

Yay!! Just when I thought it wasn't going to progress and there it went. It jumped two percent, just like that.


I'm Sure There is Some Video to Watch

You tube is great for finding videos to watch to learn how to do stuff like this. I'll bet that there is a video that tells you step by step how to download Office 365. To find out, you just go to the page and type in your request.

My request will be installing office 365. Let's look together.

Am I Right?

Download Progress 58 Percent

It seems to pay to kill time. Or, it takes that long regardless.

At any rate, it's nice to see the percentages go up.

Back to My Jetpack

How am I doing for downloading. It is 7:43 p.m. and like I said my download is at 58 percent. My jet pack says that I have used 1.407 of my GB allowance. Wow.

What was I doing wrong the other day when it took 4 GB of my data???

Oh. 59 Percent. Gaining!!!

Happy DANCE, Happy Dance 60 Percent

It's nice to have the little bulletin on the lower corner of my screen telling me up where I am at with the update.

Last night, I needed help downloading my Norton Antivirus to protect my computer. I had purchased Norton through my computer and then, when I had to reinstall the hard drive, I lost my Norton.

Norton technicians are wonderful people who will actually have you download a link and they will take care of the hard stuff for you. You just sit and watch them work on your screen. I thought it was pretty cool to watch.

I watched as the tech started to fix my problems. You see, I had the 32 bit program installed with my original hard drive, but I must have upgraded to 64 bit with the new hard drive. Am I right? Is that where you gain on bits?

I have no idea. I just know that I had Norton for 32 bit originally, but then I needed 64 bit later.

The tech was able to control my laptop and I was able to help them out occasionally when it came time to restart my computer. You know, with passwords and such.

62 percent.

Hey, you. Thanks for hanging around while I download this. I appreciate you being here with me. Helps me feel less alone.

Yes It Is

I didn't know that there was/were Keycodes available on eBay. I bought mine at Walmart, but I have seen them at Shopko, Walmart, Best Buy, Office Depot/Office Max and other a few other office supply outlets.

Did I mention that I am up to 63 percent now.

What else can we talk about?

How About You

Have you learned anything today of value?

See results

64 Percent

Does this process seem to be going slow for you too.

Let's just be thankful I do not have dial up. I recall that there were some moments that dial up was extremely slow and discouraging.

Yeah. This is supposed to be 3G speed and I am supposed to get 4G Speeds but, once again, I live in the country and supposedly in one of the dead zones for Internet usage.

Can you imagine how I feel admitting I live in a dead zone. It's almost embarrassing and a little unsettling, really.

What? You say you won't judge me harshly? Well. Aren't you sweet!

Thanks for continuing to wait with me on this fine evening. It's 7:59 p.m. and the download has reached 65 percent. Can you see why I would prefer to have a disk to do this instead of downloading??

This seems to take forever.

This Page has Reached Epic Proportions Also

I have talked your ear off and at this point, you have been reading for almost 1600 words. 66 Percent.

Please don't yawn in my ear. I have been up since 3:15 a.m. this morning.

67 Percent

Just when you thought it was a dead download, it impresses me and adds a percent. I am still quite certain that my keyboard typing has a lot to do with the download activity remaining successful.

Although, I think I am getting a blister on one finger as we speak. No. Not from typing, silly. I was heating up some chicken pieces and some tator tots and I caught my finger on the top of the oven. Apparently, one needs to be mindful of hot things when they are flipping chicken pieces over. The chicken was quite delicious, by the way. I ate my chicken piece on a hamburger bun from the Holiday Gas station. I put ranch dressing in it and I also dipped my tator tots in Ranch Dressing. It was delicious. I'm not a very big ketchup fan, but I do eat ketchup upon occasion.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I was going to misspell the word yet and spell it 'yit' but decided that I'd get too much flack for having some Huckleberry Finn type grammar and spelling on the page.

You don't mind, do you?

I can't believe you are still here with me, still reading. 68 percent.

Ugh. My back is starting to ache. It's 8:08 p.m.

I Suppose I Need to Hear Some Music

Do you ever listen to Anne Murray music. I used to have one of her albums. Her music was uplifting to me when I lived at home with my parents.

Not that my parents were all that bad, but I spent a lot of time by myself in my room and one of my abums was Anne Murray. You may recognize some of the following songs.

You Needed Me

She Believes in Me

My Sister Had a Funny Joke

She has passed away, but when she was around, she used to tease me. She was fun for me to be around.

One of her moments, we were listening to Kenny Rogers and she said, did you know that he's singing about some sort of pot?

What? I asked. How do you figure. Well, he sings "Sheeby leaves in me."

I was like, you mean sheebee leaves? or she believes...

She'd have fun with the fact that Kenny Rogers is like a cousin to me now... I'm related to a few musicians around the world now. George Kahumoku, Jr. was my sisters brother in law.

70 percent... 70 percent

Genealogy is a Whole Different Subject

Yeah. If we run out of things to chat about, there's always family tree history. I just found out the name of my great grandfather the other day. My aunt had located the old family farm in Sweden in the 1980's and had visited the family.

It was cool because they had the family tree written down on the wall in a closet, so my aunt wrote her name where it belonged, also.

The people who own the house now, are related to me through my great grandfather's brother. It matters not who owns the house or property. I think it is just interesting that the family continues to live there. The house is very, very, very old.

My great grandfather apparently built barrels for fish. The fishermen needed barrels for fish. I believe the fish were called strommings. I'd have to look that up for sure. When I looked it up, it says that Stromming is Atlantic Herring.

Well. I love the taste of herring. I have another page where I tell how to create a jar of pickled fish, using raw fish, vinegar salt, sugar, pickling spices and wine.

It turns out just simply delicious!!!

72 Percent

I'm Gaining!!!

It was at 80 percent the other day when my computer lost its mind. I think I will be okay this time.

Do you Fish?

Around where I live, there is two types of fishing. Summer fishing, where you use a boat if you have one or stand on shore or on a dock that extends across the top of the water.

In the winter, our water freezes into a large sheet of ice and there are men who put their fish houses on the lake and drill holes in the ice through square holes in the bottom of their fish house. They have short fishing poles and a little bit of string. They place their bait on their hook and lower their line down through the hole. They can only jig up and down in the space afforded by their fishing hole. Then, they use a Vexilar fishing tool and electronically watch the fish attack their bait.

Grumpy Old Men

74 Percent

It's 8:35 p.m. and I am still downloading. Went on Facebook and looked at some photos. Now the download is at 79 percent.

I'm getting tired. Tired of waiting. I'm trying to be a good sport, but I'm losing... ohh... eighty percent. Wheww.

Getting closer to getting done. It's 8:44 p.m.

Time is advancing.

81 Percent

My goodness. It took forever to get this far.

I am up to 1.747 GB of data used for the download. Well. Still better than the FOUR I had gone the other day.

82 Percent... I almost feel like getting a cup of coffee to continue, but, I shall survive. 83 percent.

This is a Reality Web Page

Like, almost like reality television, except, here you are experiencing a download with me. Almost like having your own download. But, not so much.

84 percent. Did I mention 84 percent yet? Ooooh. 85 percent.

86 Percent

It's 8:52 p.m.

Does everyone else's downloads take this long, or is mine faster?

87 percent.

I need a snack. I made some banana bread the other day. I have a one bowl method where you add all the ingredients into the bowl, then stir around 50 strokes, put in the bread pan and bake for however long. It's done when you can poke the top of the bread and it springs back. I did add some sweetened condensed milk to the bowl and it ended up somewhat more moist. Almost caramel like. It was really good. I also used cake flour since I had some to use up. Perhaps I created a pound cake instead of banana bread. At any rate, it was yummy and I may make it that way again.

90 percent. 8:55 p.m.

This May be the Final Sprint

It jumped to 95 percent. It's says my install is finished.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tech analysis.


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