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Dropped Iphone. Screen Broke. :( But Found a Cheap Fix!

Updated on January 15, 2012
Oops, I did it again (only this time it broke).
Oops, I did it again (only this time it broke).

Dropped iPhone and the Screen Shattered

I arrived home today, stressed, and dropped my iphone 4 on my hardwood floor, again. No problem I think, until I realize this twentieth time dropping the phone has resulted in an utterly cracked screen. Argh! How expensive will this be? Read below.

Well, after internet searching, I discovered there are actually options for fixing my iphone on the cheap (I was sure I would be better off buying a new phone as this is usually the way of the here-today-gone-tomorrow gadgets). Most surprising to me was how much these options really ranged in price! I found I could pay a mere $30 all the way to a whopping $200 for a screen replacement. The key, I discovered, is if I'm willing to be handy (I love being handy) or if I want to make sure the job is done right by a pro (hmmm, maybe I just think I'm handier than I really am...sigh). I haven't decided yet, the option I'm going to choose, but I wanted to share these options with you should you be in the same predicament. I never would have guessed you could do the job yourself!

$30 SOLUTION- Here you can purchase what is needed to do a fix it yourself job: a screen and digitizer (apparently you need the pair together). And this website even offers a how to video; some people are so dang handy. It looks as though it isn't too difficult, and I'm always up for a challenge. I wonder what's the worst that could happen?

$100 SOLUTION- The jump is steep! The other option I found is to send it in to a more reasonable company online, someone similar to these guys. Looks legit...but how comfortable do I feel with sending my lifeline through the mail? Sure my soon to be sister-in-law works for USPS, and they could use the support, but she tells me about new postal workers dumping mail in the river. But, I digress. On to the last and final option (outside of time travel, that is).

$200 "SOLUTION": Take it to the Apple store. Hmmmm...I'm far too broke for this option. At this price, I would rather just sign a new contract for the newest iphone.

Well, I will keep you posted as to how things turn out. In the meantime, hang on tight.


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    • jaylucas profile image

      jaylucas 5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Thank you, Vellur. Nothing like your eloquent poetry, but more personal posts to come.

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 5 years ago from Dubai

      Very useful information. Voted up.