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Earbud Review: NuForce NE-600X

Updated on December 15, 2013

First off, I have to admit that I'm not an "audiophile," I just really, really like music. Especially music that sounds really, really good. Lately though, I've been on a quest to find the "perfect" set of ear buds. After reading several reviews of their more expensive earbuds - the NE-700x - I decided to try the NuForce NE600x in-ear headphones. I would have gone for the NE700, but hey.. I'm on a budget.

NuForce is a California-based manufacturer of high-quality consumer audio gear with attractive design at affordable prices. They offer a range of audio products, from headphones and cables to amps, preamps, home theater and more. They offer several models of earbuds, from the model NE-600X reviewed here, to its big brother, the acclaimed NE-700X/M.

On receiving the NE-600X, the first thing I noticed was the level of design and build quality. Very sturdy looking, aluminum casing, simple and elegant, with a flat, tangle-free cord and an angled connector. Very nice! The cord does a pretty good job of staying tangle-free and the ear buds feel solid and well-built, resembling a small pair of stacked metal cylinders. Packaging was solid - a , hard plastic clamshell-design case with ear tips in 3 sizes to adjust the fit to the individual ear.


  • Driver Size: 11mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 20 to 20kHz
  • Max. Input Power: 3mW
  • Sensitivity: 100dB+/-3dB
  • Connector: 3.5mm, gold-plated
  • Weight : 12.5 grams
  • Length: 110 cm (43.3 inches)
  • Included Accessories: S, L spare tips
  • MSRP: $24.95

I plugged the NE-600s into my iPod for a quick test. The sound was very good indeed - loud and firm, with full bass, a noticeably broad, layered soundstage and good separation of instruments, particularly remarkable for a pair of headphones at this price. The bass was solid with a slight boost, but did not seem to overpower the mid-bass or higher frequencies or bleed into the mid-range, providing just enough punch to make the listening experience fun. Overall, the sound was full and clear, with solid mid-range and clear highs. The NE-600X are enjoyable across a broad spectrum of music genres, capable of handling rock and rap, modern pop and country, they also perform quite well with jazz and classical. Isolation was quite good, allowing very little outside noise to disturb the listening experience of these headphones. Insertion was easy and gave a quick fit, though they do seem to work loose fairly easily if I move around too much or too quickly. The cord is flat and tangle-resistant and seems fairly good at isolating the user from noises caused by cord movement. The 3.5mm, gold-plated, 90 degree-angled plug fits snugly and hugs the bottom of my iPod (even with it's OtterBox case), which should help prevent snags and potential damage. Compared to some of my other ear buds - Klipsch S4, Sony MDR-ED12LP, Sennheiser CX 300-II, and a few el-cheapo sets, these produce firmer, tighter, more pronounced bass. Overall, a very dynamic and fun listening experience. The NE-600X comes in three colors - black, red and green - and are also available with an inline microphone, compatible with iPod and Android phones (model NE-600M).

Overall, considering their sound quality, solid build and very reasonable price point, these are among some of my favorite "go-to" ear buds!

Did you like this article? Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback below, and for more earbud, headphone and tech reviews, follow me on Twitter! @danpetreikis

© 2013 Daniel Petreikis


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    • EclecticHoosier profile image

      Daniel Petreikis 2 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks, Bob! Much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Bob Tayle 2 years ago

      Nice review. Like the comparison to other earbuds you own.