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5 Best Ear Buds In Ear Headphones for the Money Under $100 2016

Updated on November 17, 2016
These Bose IE2 Audio Headphones are a great option for those who like to work out and have headphones that will stay in their ear and out of their way.
These Bose IE2 Audio Headphones are a great option for those who like to work out and have headphones that will stay in their ear and out of their way.

Where In Ear, Ear Buds Fit in Your Life

With so many different mobile devices on the marketplace, it’s no wonder the selection of ear buds in ear is so plentiful.

Few people want to deal with the old-fashioned relics that went over your head.

These headphones were so bulky that they failed to provide their users with any sort of comfort or functionality.

Plus, the options that people had for taking these headphones out with them were and far between. They had to settle for listening to whatever it was they wanted to listen to from their home.

Some headphones came out years ago that allowed people to go out in the world and still have the opportunity to listen to music, but it wasn’t until iPods made their way into the market that the offerings in this area went in a completely different direction.

The presence of this landmark product created an entirely new marketplace that needed to be served.

Technology in Headphones for 2014

The most interesting thing about ear buds is that they’re among the most basic pieces of technology on the market today.

Recently, a new type of ear bud came out was molded to the shape of the ear of the average consumer.

These ear buds were sold with products released by Apple, further cementing their place as a dominant force in the technological industry.

Apple is a company that continuously takes a look at every aspect of the experience that the users have with their products.

How has technology advanced?

Anytime they determine that there’s something they can to do to make their products much easier and convenient they release additional innovations that continue to keep their products in a dominant position. Ear buds are at the top of their list of accomplishments, but the list doesn’t stop there and it continues to grow to this day.

The technology they have released has gone on to affect how users of other products enjoy their purchases. Every user is faced with the possibility of having to choose from the ear buds that came with their product and options that are present in the marketplace.

Ear buds that are offered with mobile devices have developed somewhat of a bad reputation, depending on who you talk to. Rather than attempt to use the ear buds that are provided to them, they want to pick a product that’s of their choosing.

The fact remains that these ear buds are of a similar level of quality to the products that they’re bundled with. The quality of the sound that you can get with them is second to none. You can’t beat what you receive from this complimentary product.

There are options out there that you could spend a considerable amount of money on. It’s not necessary for you to invest so much money in a product that’s available for free in a number of different settings.

Which Type of Headphones Do You Prefer?

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How to Find the Right Headphones for You

Since there are so many choices out there in terms of ways that you can listen to whatever it is that you need to listen to, you have no excuse for continuing to settle for subpar sound quality.

You should collect a large list of these products and proceed to try out as many of them as you can.

The internet is loaded with all sorts of reviews from people who have used these products in the past. Their viewpoint serves as the purest form of testimony regarding the value of the product in question.

You could read the material that’s issued from the manufacturers of the headphones; however, the possibility remains that this documentation is clouded by the fact that they want to sell their product at any costs.

Ear Buds Need to Last

Many users of ear bud technology will tell you that the worst thing that could happen is for their headphones to wear out sooner rather than later. Anyone that uses their ear buds on a regular basis will tell you that they put this device through the wringer.

After many months of heavily using their ear buds, they don’t want them start losing their functionality. They would rather have their ear buds operate at the same level they did the first day that they bought them.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, especially when you’re considering ear buds are lower in terms of quality. The more affordable ear buds might be desirable because you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get them. Your investment in this particular line of products should be well thought out in every sense of the word.

5 stars for Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

1. Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

2. Sennheiser CX 890i Headset

Soul Mini Optimal Acoustic In-Ear Headphones
Soul Mini Optimal Acoustic In-Ear Headphones

How to Find the Right Comfort

Comfort is an essential characteristic that people look for in the ear buds they wear.

Certain products have metal features associated with them that limit the amount of comfort that their users will experience.

Pay More for The Proper Cushion

These features include the lack of some sort of cushion to separate the ear of the user from the metal parts of their ear bud of choice.

Over the head headphones are still the highest functioning options in this area; however, they’re usually cost prohibitive and it becomes difficult for them to be worn over an extended period of time.

3. Soul Mini Optimal Acoustic In-Ear Headphones

MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Driver Enhanced Bass In-Ear Headphone with Microphone and Remote
MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Driver Enhanced Bass In-Ear Headphone with Microphone and Remote

Important Things to Consider When Buying In Ear Headphones

There are so many things that you have to consider when you’re buying your next set of headphones.

They need to deliver a high level of sound quality first and foremost.

Once you get past that aspect, you can move on to all the other aspects that make these headphones truly remarkable.

You will want a set of headphones you can wear for several hours at a time. Sometimes a headphone manufacturer gets a little too bogged down in the extraneous features that they fail to deliver on what their customers want.

Before you decide on which headphones you want to use on a regular basis, you need to determine their purpose.

People who know that they will spend a considerable amount of time behind a computer will be able to get away with wearing a set of over the head headphones. Anyone who is on the go needs to have a more portable set of headphones and ear buds fit the bill.

4. MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Driver Enhanced Bass In-Ear Headphone with Microphone and Remote

© 2013 James Richton

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    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 4 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      How ironic - my wife and I join a gym and are thinking about some ear buds for use while working out and here's a great list of suggestions. Thanks!