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Earn Prizes Online Using Lockerz

Updated on April 11, 2010

You can earn prizes online in many ways and from many sites but I am going to recommend a genuine one, Lockerz.

I first found out about Lockerz online and decided to check the site out. The site is also invite only so you have to be referred to the site by another member!

Lockerz is a site where you earn PTZ from doing various tasks. You get 2 PTZ from all of the following at the moment:

Logging in daily and clicking the claim PTZ button

Answering a daily question e.g. Does Money Buy Happiness, Have you Gone on a Diet or Who Should Win the Grammy for Best Rapper.

Referring people to

Watching videos on Play.

However there are often more PTZ on offer for various things and even double PTZ (like at the moment you get 4 PTZ for watching videos and inviting people to the site.)

The site is still in its beta stage and there are plans to expand it so you can also earn PTZ in more ways and it will have 24/7 redemptions.

These tasks take a very short amount of time and easily within five minutes you can log in and answer the daily question giving you 4 PTZ a day which soon adds up! If you got 4 PTZ a day every day for a year that would be over 1400 PTZ which at the current PTZ levels for redemption is more than an Apple Ipod Touch. You would get even more than this if you watched videos on PLAY every day and became a Z lister!  The site has many prizes like Apple Macs, Paypal money, video games, headphones, the chance to write a daily question and much more!

The other really cool thing is that if you refer 20 people you become a Z Lister member which means you earn double PTZ for everything e.g. 8 PTZ a day and you get a free T Shirt (plus the PTZ for referring people!)

When it comes to redemption it gets a little more tricky with what to believe. I do think Lockerz are definitely genuine but I think it is hard to redeem a prize - mainly due to how popular the site has become there is an enormous amount of people trying to redeem prizes! There are also many videos on Youtube and many people who say they have got prizes just check some other reviews of the site. The redemption periods are also only once or twice a month so you have to be there at the right time or all the prizes go but the key thing is it is legitimate.

I am aware that this site sounds almost too good to be true but I think they plan to make more money from it in the future. For a start in a few months or so time I think they are planning to raise the amount of PTZ needed for prizes and start selling products. Also with millions of members it may have advertising earning it a small fortune and things like people paying to put games on their to see what people think of them and maybe sell the daily question information to survey sites e.t.c. As you can see they could make massive amounts in the future but probably need loads of people to be on the site and visiting regularly.

Lockerz also ship internationally and you don`t have to pay the shipping fees or anything but may have to pay tax depending on the country but it may take a while to arrive as it is based in the U.S.A.

I really think Lockerz is a cool site and while it does seem to be too good to be true I think it has been proved to be genuine and well worth signing up to!

If you want to sign up there are many sites and people who will happily invite you or you can leave a comment here or message me and I will be very happy to invite you to Lockerz.

How many PTZ do you have?

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    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Yes you can! If you want to send me an email to mrselbow @ googlemail(dot)com

    • profile image

      Gamer 7 years ago

      Can i join!!

    • profile image

      tony 7 years ago

      can u really order a prize can u just reduce the cost of it.

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Connor - Email me your email address and I will invite you in the next 24 hours and you can join!

      Or type your address here and I will see it but not approve it meaning the whole world will not see it and you can join Lockerz!

    • profile image

      Connor 7 years ago

      I would love to join! (: