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Earning On The Internet - Start Here And Do Not Spend A Penny

Updated on April 26, 2013

One of the great things about the Internet is that provides a level playing field for every internet marketer and online merchant. The ease of access means that you can, potentially at least, reach every individual in the world. You are not restricted by geographic constraints and anyone can be your customer or client. The world’s your oyster in other words.

Not only is it possible to access a huge worldwide market but - when compared to a more traditional bricks and mortar business – it’s dirt cheap. Typically you might need to pay for web hosting, website design software, an autoresponder and allocate some ongoing budget for either SEO or pay-per-click advertising (or both).

These costs will be a fraction of what you would need were you to set up even a small shop which would need property costs, stock costs, electricity costs etc. to be met. And of course, your online business, unlike a traditional shop, will not have opening hours – it will be open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Not only will your online business be cheap to set up and open 24 hours a day, but you will be able to access a huge marketplace. Basically anyone in the world who has access to the internet is a potential customer for you.

However, with all of that being said, even with the incredible opportunity that the internet offers, there’s no reason to suppose that someone without any real business experience can reasonably expect to make a fortune online in 30 days with no real effort. There are plenty of programs which you can find which will claim to guarantee you wealth – but you do need to exercise some caution.

It’s not the fact that some of these may be scams. Some of them are, but most of them just make unrealistic promises for someone who has minimal experience.

The best thing to do when you’re just starting out is to minimize your risk. The easiest way to do that is to sign up for programs which are free. There are plenty of these around. For example:

Google Adsense: You display Google adverts. Whenever someone clicks on one of the ads you get paid a proportion of the advertiser’s fee.

Amazon: You send people to the Amazon site. If they buy something you get a percentage of the sale.

eBay: Similar to Amazon. You send someone to the eBay site. If they buy something you get paid a percentage.

Now, if you are new to internet marketing, this may be a little confusing at this point. The one thing that you need to take on board is that all of the above programs are free. They will cost you nothing and you can earn some money. Thousands of people already do. It’s probably best not to expect to earn millions – but you do have a very real opportunity to earn some very real money.

The problem is that you probably don’t have any idea how to actually drive people to these websites so that they can make purchases and earn you some commission. You may not have your own website – or any real knowledge of how to create one. It’s not a problem.

There are a number of “revenue sharing” websites where you can sign up and publish content to which will use some or all of the above free programs to generate money for the site and for you. Generally speaking, all you have to do is write about something that you’re interested in and the revenue sharing site will publish adverts for Adsense, Amazon or eBay alongside your content.

If you can type, and if you have an area where you have some knowledge and interest, then you can get started. Don’t worry that nobody will be interested in your topic. Remember, the internet is accessed by millions of people every day – sometimes some very obscure or apparently mundane areas can be very financially lucrative. You won’t know if you don’t try (remember, these programs are 100% free).

The three websites below are all free and will all allow you to use one or more of the free money making programs to earn with them. Not only are they free, but they all have good tutorials, hints, tips and helpful community members who will help you get started.



Info Barrel

Remember, all you have to do is write about something that you’re interested in and you will have the chance to make some money. All of the above websites have all the information that you need to do this available for free once you join. There are plenty people who will try to sell you information on how to use these sites to make money. In the first instance at least, you don’t need this. The free training, tutorials and community support will be more than enough to get you started.

Later, once you have seen the possibilities and tried the free opportunities available, you may wish to spend a little cash advertising or on course or e-books. However, for at least the first six months of your online marketing career, you would be well advised to keep your credit card firmly in your wallet and to take advantage of the free online education available to you at the above sites.

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