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Easily addsef urls to your joomla website

Updated on June 27, 2012

SEF friendly urls are your key to high ranking in search

SEF strong links
SEF strong links

Joomla SEF Settings

Joomla SEF Configuration screen
Joomla SEF Configuration screen

Easily add sef urls to your joomla website

Easily add sef urls to your joomla website by first downloading the following joomla plugin, at the official joomla extensions link here.

Install this SEF Plugin in the usual way, by going to the joomla admin, and selecing install.

Select your main control panel, and select global configuration, make sure your joomla gloabal configuration shows like this:

You will also need to log into the root of your web server, and change your htaccess.txt file, to .htaccess. This is just a simple rename.

Once your configuration is saved, select the plugins menu.

Select the Hprouter SEFplugin, then enable it.

It only takes a few minutes and your urls to start to look more like this:

This means your urls and relevant keywords and information will be shown in a cleaner way to search engines including google,bing, yahoo, and every other web crawling software.


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