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Ecrater an alternative Internet sales site

Updated on May 11, 2009

Selling items online I am sure that we have all probably heard of the giant merchant websites to sell on. However, a site that I found when I was starting to sell online was Ecrater. Now some people might have heard of Ecrater before, but some have not I know that I hadn’t even heard of this site before and found it almost by accident, but am happy that I did! Now I know that Ecrater has many positives and hardly any negatives that I have found. Here is what I think of Ecrater after selling on that site for almost a full year.

The first positive that I like about using Ecrater is that inside the forum the people are very friendly and nice. With the people being friendly and nice I managed to learn more about how to properly set up my online store and promote my items without the worry of having them deleted because I placed them in the wrong category.

>The second positive of using Ecrater as the website for my online retail store is that the store doesn’t charge any fees on the transaction like some of the other websites that I have sold on. Ecrater also doesn’t charge any fees on the listing of your items either which is nice because I know that some of the sites that I sold on before I would end up spending more in listing fees and final sale fees that my profit was close to zero or only a few pennies for each item. I am sure that unless you are a big wholesale retail giant that a small store cannot survive on pennies.

>The third positive of my making use of Ecrater is that they would automatically submit all of my items to Google on the shopping page of Google. So my store was gaining additional exposure by my listings being posted onto Google which as many people know is the largest search engine used.

>The one negative that I have found is that if I wanted to do any additional advertising for my products I would have to market them instead of like on some of the other retailers that do that for me. However, even with the other retailers I discovered I had to do some marketing on my own and that was really disappointing since I was already paying a fee to them to even list my item.

>While many people have heard of the giants of internet retail and might consider selling with them I would have to recommend looking at Ecrater as well. I know that for me selling on Ecrater has been fun and enjoyable while at the same time I am able to make more money because of the lack of fees on my sales other than the payment company.

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    • Deep South Glass profile image

      Deep South Glass 7 years ago from Liberty, MO

      I have got to say I sold on 'the other' auction site forever. I started selling on eCrater about a year ago selling glassware, and collectible glass pieces, as well as discontinued china, and dinnerware. I spent so much money at the other place that I was amazed at the money I could make if I wasn't being charged a listing fee, and final value fee, blah blah blah.. Anyway, I also like the fact that I'm not limited as to 'which' payment methods I can offer my buyers. 'The other' site only allows 1 payment option and THEY OWN IT! I want to give the guy (Dimitar Slavov) the creator of eCrater a HUMONGOUS HUG! He ROCKS! He has saved the ecommerce free world from the bad bad other site who mistreats the very 'little guys' who made it what it is today! (and I might add, the same ones who will bring it down from it's high horse) The other site has done nothing but drive the sellers away. I have noticed when I visit there that their sales are down down down..(they give listing bonuses EVERY week now) LOL My sales are UP UP UP on eCrater!


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    • profile image

      Susan Sylvia 7 years ago

      I have been selling hand dyed wool on eCrater for 1 1/2 years, and I am thrilled. My sales have tripled this year and I know will increase again next year, as I add products and market myself. But although the site is free, this doesn’t mean I (or anyone) can simply hang out a shingle and expect sales to come. It takes work, and some time spent doing SEO. It’s a jungle out there on the web, as every other person wants to sell online. I spent about six weeks devoting myself to SEO for my eCrater site, and now I appear on page one of a Google search for ‘hand dyed wool’, which is my main search term. And all I pay is the Paypal fee for each transaction. No domain host, no monthly upkeep, no listing fees. It’s wonderful! I will eventually have my own site, but in the meantime, I have gotten great exposure at eCrater and I can maintain my listings there even after I open my other site. Why not? It’s free!

    • Lolag profile image

      Lolag 7 years ago from New York

      I also highly recomment Ecrater - it's great!

      Here is one of my online stores:

    • profile image

      Bob 8 years ago

      Bye eBay, Hello Ecrater. I sold on eBay for 6 months, with all the changes we left like many others. Found eCrater and I can’t be happier, now I have listed 5 times more line items then I did on eBay and all for free, all within the first month. If we listed this on eBay we would be paying about $300-350.00 just to list, then if we sold something add more $$$ to the fee, then there is PayPal, add more $$$$. Now all the $$$ goes back into the business for more product.

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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 8 years ago from Ohio

      Like I said I used it with some good success. Didn't really know much about how to market or all the free marketing available at first, but now that I do the internet store is going much better!

    • men are dorks profile image

      men are dorks 8 years ago from Namibia

      I'm gonna try... nice doggy...