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Various Effects Of Social Media on Children, Effects of social media on teeagers

Updated on June 25, 2014

Modern Technology and Social Media

In the last couple of years, science has developed immensely. The internet has become a need for every individual. The Grand emergence of the social networking sites has created a revolution in the lives of people. Since communicating with people became so easy, people of this generation have started to lose the benefits of physical activities and the miss element of fun in life.

With advancement in technology and invention and Planet Earth has been compressed and caged into laptops, PCs and Smart-phones. Well, look around, everyone owns an Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy, the name itself deceives that it contains in it the galaxy. Newer products are made available to the common masses at affordable prices. These gadgets, with the help of the internet, can solve most of your problems at the bat of an eye. Social Networking sites have become viral. While you are reading this hub, do you not feel like checking your networking site notifications?

Honestly in today's world one can hardly afford to refrain himself from availing the lucrative opportunities of communication social media has to offer. With Zuckerberg's brainchild Facebook, the entire ritual of communication got reformed and revolutionized. It became a platform of expressing opinions, sharing moments of happiness and depression, sharing photos and creating awareness.

How much time do you spend on facebook?

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Yeah! That is the facebook drug!
Yeah! That is the facebook drug!


With the advent of Facebook, Indians have restricted their lives to the computer screen, Teenagers stay glued to their facebook page either chatting with a friend or promoting a page or inviting friends to an event or just stray around playing games. This is one vehement addiction which is very difficult to get rid of. Whether it is raining outside or the dude has stopped by a restaurant with friends, a status or Check In is a must.

There are many users who type down their emotions as statuses and share with friends, this is sometimes helpful for shy personalities as it gives teenagers to write down their situations and receive help. Whether it is a group photo, a selfie or a professional photo, clicked by a SLRs, it has to be on facebook with fancy quotes or phrases as captions.

Please Like my photo?
Please Like my photo?


You post a picture of yourself with the new mascot in town, and there it starts. You tend to check your updates a million times just to see how many people have liked your photo. Sometimes this craze turns into competition and teenagers ask their friends to like the photo by messaging them personally. Like what is the use? What would you get by doing that? What can few Facebook likes get you in life?

There is a very disgusting norm nowadays, the maximum likes on a photo wins! The one who has the most number of likes is more popular than the one who has even one or two less. Like what type of a game is this? Likes can never determine how much popular a particular guy or girl is! In doing such competition, everyone lose their daily social quotient and end up trapped within the internet.

Craze for liking a new page is tremendous. Pages display new comics, cartoons and various photos and hilarious comical posts to increase their fan base. Everywhere you see new photography pages opening up each day, new band pages, etc. Why like the page when you have no idea what the organization is doing? Why would you like a band page when you have never heard their name or any of their song?

Administrators, in order to increase their fan base, often post vulgar stuffs which have harmful effects on minors and teenagers.

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Various effects of Facebook!

With advancement in mobile technology, and developments of various applications, Apps like Facebook, Facebook messenger, Go chat, etc children tend to be more vulnerable and attracted to anything that are new, innovative and fun to use. Studies show that in the last two years eighty percentage of students between the age eight to twelve have signed up for an social networking sites. This outrage of social networking albeit has its share of positive effects on the children who have their one foot in the doorway of adolescence.

They get an open platform where they can exhibit their thoughts, creativity share their opinions in various issues without any restriction. They get a chance to interact with people of similar age and thoughts, sharing the same interest as they do. In doing so, they lose their valuable time which they can either spend in studying or some outdoor activities. As it is said too much of anything is bad, so is the addiction of social networking site. Teenagers have lost the knack of outdoor games and activities, and hence they result in becoming couch-potatoes.

Facebook eats your time! Wake up!
Facebook eats your time! Wake up!
FB effects
FB effects

Other effects

Cyber-bulling has maybe many children, teen its poor victims due to objectionable comments on their pictures in Facebook, twitter. Many innocent lives have committed suicide in the adolescence period. People easily get lulled into sexual pleasure in the virtual world and end up getting exploited. These children due to increasing rage of social media have become a sitting duck for the professional adult movie maker. On the other hand studies of school and children have been heavily affected by social media attractions.


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