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Effortless Way To Create Amazing Wordpress Content

Updated on November 26, 2017
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Hello, I am Ravi Singh. I am a blogger at Ravisinghblog and love to write on variety of topics including Blogging tips and earning money.

How To Create Amazing Content on Wordpress
How To Create Amazing Content on Wordpress


Wordpress is the most favorite platform today to create blog. Blogger love this platform and almost 70% or more blog is hosted on it. In this hub, I am going to discuss how to create amazing and attractive content on Wordpress without working hard.

What is the Problem?

By default Wordpress provides you plain and simple way to edit or create post. You can just put simple text and picture. It does not allow you to easily create attractive content like colored headline, text with a background or create more than one column of content. Have a look to example of Wordpress editor below:

As you can see Wordpress editor is a very simple editor. You have option to add simple text, and some basic feature to change like font size or paragraph.

But in present time, people do not want to see simple text , they want to see attractive text with background color, content box, content index and many other.

You can install different plugin to create content box or attractive color or table but every plugin will increase load on Wordpress and it is not the efficient way to do it.

The other problem with plugin is most of them are not responsive. It may look good on desktop but may not align or look good in mobile devices


Please see below example of the attractive content I have created, which is not possible to create with plain and simple Wordpress Editing

Thrive Architect - Drag and Drop Wordpress Content builder

Let me present you the solution for this problem. I personally used the Tool Thrive Architect. It is a Wordpress drag and drop builder which can easily create components for your blog post.

You can easily customize individual components for your post. Some of the components you can create using this tool is:

  • Paragraph
  • Picture
  • Table
  • List of contents
  • Button
  • Content box
  • Column
  • Content Reveal
  • Click to tweet
  • Countdown
  • Video
  • Google map and many more

Lets See How To Create Content With thrive Architect builder

Creating content with Thrive content is very easy and just drag and drop. You can drag and drop individual component on to your Wordpress post and edit it directly.

Flavors Of Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect comes in two flavors:

  • Create Amazing Wordpress blog post
  • Create Landing page for your product; like Sales page, Webinar, email lean option box etc

Features common to Landing page and blog post editor

  • Beautiful Formatted Blog post - Gone are those days when people read long words. This is the day of amazing post content with formatted headline, content box, highlight box, style lists, image media, click to tweet, and many more. Thrive toolbox has everything you need with drag and drop

  • Customize any component - Your Wordpress blog has different component like column, headline, text, paragraphs,media, video etc. You can customized every component with precise detail. Also you will get what you see.

For example - add background image to overlay text, extend two column content, Total font customization, Hover over effect like change color of a button on mouse over. You do not need any coding skills or css knowledge to perform this.

  • Mobile Responsive - All the content you create with Thrive Architect is responsive. You have the option to preview the content as you edit on all smaller and desktop devices.

  • Select the visiblity of individual component - You can select the visibility of individual component for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • Option to create Beautiful Home page - With Thrive Architect you can create yourself a new homepage or create entirely of your own. Homepage is a great place your create your own brand or get more traffic. Here is one example:

  • Create Landing pages, Webinar and Email option box - Using Thrive Architect, you can create stunning landing page for product announcement, webinar, offer or even email option box. It can integrate with all leading email marketing tool like mailchimpin, Aweber, Convertkit, Getresponse and many more

To conclude here is the recap of component you can add in your Wordpress page and post

Video Tutorial About How to Create Landing Pages and attractive Wordpress blog post using Thrive Architect


How You Create Content For Your Wordpress blog

See results


  • You can try Thrive Architect tool here risk free for 30 days
  • Ravisinghblog - Your one stop for Blogging tips, tools and many more

Over To You

As usual I would love to see your comments and what do you think about this tool. Please use comment section to share your thoughts.


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    • TessSchlesinger profile image

      Tessa Schlesinger 4 months ago from South Africa

      Here are the problem with Wordpress .

      1. You have to know, at least, some code in order to work with it effectively. It's not wysiwyg. :)

      2. When you change things around, because code can conflict, if you don't know what you are doing, you can make your site crash.

      3. If you use the blog site, instead of getting your own domain name and using the CMS, then you cannot use adsense or affiliate marketing. For that you have to pay. It's not free.

      4.It is extremely difficult to get traffic for a blog if you are inexperienced, don't know a thing about SEO, and nobody knows about you. If you write on a content site (like hubpages), then the PR of the site carries your content provided it's good.