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Ektopad Protective iPad Case for Gamers and Kids

Updated on October 31, 2010

The iPad is so many things to so many people. Surfing the web is fun, getting work done on the go is productive and playing games is exciting – and all of it can be done on an iPad. Any age group at some level of expertise can enjoy the iPad. The tiniest toddlers and their grandparents learn that their touch can make pictures appear and soon learn that they can swipe their fingers across the screen to get to the next one. Teens want to play games and their parents want to surf the web for information. One thing that all of these fans have in common is the need for a perfect iPad case. While many iPad cases are similar in design and materials, there is one that is definitely different.

The Ektopad is typically used by gamers but it would obviously be useful for children, for the elderly, for those with arthritis in their hands and frankly for anyone that wants a cool yet protective iPad case. It is one continuous piece of soft, rubbery and graspable silicone. There are other silicone iPad cases out there but until you see the Ektopad you have no idea how different it is. 

The Ektopad is molded in such a way as to provide thick handle-like areas on the sides and ribbed areas throughout the body that act as shock absorbers in case of a drop. The shape is meant to resemble a formula 1 steering wheel and provides chunky hand holds for keeping a firm grasp on the iPad. There are open sections on each side that can be used to further improve your grasp. An elastic strap is included with the Ektopad that can slip through these open areas allowing the iPad to be attached to the headrest of your car – a perfect position for anyone in the backseat to watch a movie, YouTube videos or to play a simple game or two.



An iPad can easily be inserted into the channel that wraps around the inside edge of the Ektopad. This channel provides a secure hold on the iPad and protects it in case of a bump or a drop. I would not deliberately test the ability of the Ektopad to save my iPad from a drop, but it would be comforting to know that the iPad had a chance to withstand an accidental fall unscathed with one. The iPad screen is not covered much past the edges so the protection there is minimal. However, the edges of the Ektopad are raised above the screen so if the iPad lands screen-down it is protected from the impact.

 Two colors are available. Some are white and others are charcoal gray. It appears that they are striped but that is not the case. The ribs mentioned before show as the light shines through the Ektopad giving the appearance of stripes. I like the look and I think that ribs create interesting contrasts in the color. Both have the same feeling of security and full-handed control and can be had for an affordable price of around $30.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      You are right Duilen- driving games are the most obvious use for the Ektopad. Surely there are other games that do or will use the iPad as a game controller.

      I like that it also protects the iPad while being played with my little kids. If they accidently drop the iPad chances are it will not be damaged.

      If you have known anyone with arthritis in thier fingers you can see that the larger hand holds would be beneficial.

    • Duilen profile image

      Duilen 6 years ago from Mountain View

      Looks viable for driving games. What other scenarios might this be useful?