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Electric Bikes -n- Scooters Hub

Updated on January 30, 2011

Xtreme Moto

Xtreme Moto
Xtreme Moto

Welcome to the Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters Hub

Electric Bikes -N- Scooters in Ogden, Utah

Just to give you an update on this July 23rd 2008, I went into Ogden yesterday and went to a scooter store called Xtreme Scooters. While most of the scooters there were of the gas variety there were a few electric ones there. The gentleman I talked to there was very nice and I mentioned to him that I was going to do a write up on his establishment as a part of my Blog. It told me it was "all good" if I wanted to do so. It looked to me like one of the scooters he had in there was one of the "E-scooters" series, but I am not sure.

Anyway, I got permission to take a picture of the store so I am posting it here on this blog and also on my Hub.

Well, today we are heading south for Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Yesterday we went up on a trail behind a golf course in Ogden and saw 4 snakes. They were a brown color, but there were a whole bunch of them. One of them was in a tree over our heads!

Shock your buns on an electric ride!


Electric Bikes -N- Scooters


Electric Bikes -N- Scooters Liv in the Grand Teton National Park

I am in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a few days. My family and I landed in Utah last week to visit relatives and then we decided to move on to Wyoming so that we would have access to Yellowstone National Park.

I do realize that this blog is about electric bicycles and electric scooters, but hey, I’m on vacation! Anyway, Yellowstone was incredible and I had no idea that there were so many geysers and thermal vents all over the place. Wed saw a vent yesterday that had so much energy it sounded like a jet engine! Too bad we couldn’t tap into that energy source and use it for power!

The image that you see on the left is one of the many of the thermal springs that is created by the extreme temperatures under the ground.

On another science note, last night I got an opportunity to watch Larry King Live and they had on Bill Nye the Science Guy taking on a whole herd of UFO nuts. Bill was merely stating that for all of the weird things that we see in the sky, there is no evidence that is concrete of aliens of any kind other than blurry videos and eye witnesss that say they saw such and such.

My personal take was that these things that people are seeing in the skies could easily be human made, more than likely experimental craft and quite possibly made outside the U.S. Do you think that the U.S. government would ever admit that a new Chinese aircraft can invade our airspace and get away with it? I think not!

Anyway, the UFO fanatics were very rude to Bill Nye on the show last night and even started to call him names and besmirch his reputation and credentials, which did not help them prove their case one little bit. When it comes to evidence I have to side with opinions like Arthur C. Clark’s who said, “Until someone can hand me a piece of hard evidence or give me an extremely detailed picture of the alien’s license plate, I won’t believe it.”

Ok, we went hiking yesterday (July 19th 2008) at a beautiful place called Jenny lake not too far from Jackson Hole. The trails were pretty full of people and the mountains and lake were just spectacular. My wife, son and daughter and I came to a junction here you could go up to see some waterfalls or go on around the entire lake which I would estimate was a 7 mile hike. Anyway, I decided not to go up the trail to see the falls because my butt was already dragging from the previous days of hiking. Somehow we got separated and I wound up taking a real nice boat ride back to the visitors center on the other side of the lake.

I kind of hung around there for a few hours and I was sitting in my son’s car at the parking lot when I got this call on my son’s cell phone from my wife who was telling me that they were on the last leg of their hike and that they had made it around the entire lake trail. I told them I had made it back to the car and everything was hunky-dory.

About 10 minutes later I get another call. My wife says quietly, “There’s a Grizzly bear just in front of us on the trail and we have to back up. Our daughter (19 years old) is up on the trail in front of us and we are separated by the bear. We don’t know where she is.”

As it turns out my wife and son came around some sort of corner and the bear just appeared out of nowhere about 20 feet in front of them. They just slowly backed up and talked real quietly. The bear apparently could care less it just lumbered away. When my daughter got to the parking lot I asked her if she saw the bear that she had just passed. She said she could hear something behind her but she kept walking fast!!!!

Yesterday, (20th) the family went hiking around two small lakes here in The Tetons National Park, but the hike took us four hours! Anyway I am on the Internet in the lobby of the cabins that we are staying at and I am at the mercy of their 15 minute rule of usinbg this thing so I’m, gonna have top cut this short.

Tomorrow, I’m going back down to Utah for a few days before returning back to Kentucky. I’m going to try to hit an electric bike store I saw in Salt Lake City. Anyway, I’ll take pictures and keep you posted.

Shock your buns on an electric ride!


The Sereno Electric Moped by Izip

All About Electric Bike Motors

If you are a newbie to the world of electric bikes, then you should learn as much as you can about their motors, which, of course, is the heart of the electric bicycle. It would be a shame to go out and purchase one of the vehicles before fully understanding exactly what they are and how they work.

A Brief History of the Electric Bike Motor

In order to understand what an electric bicycle motor is, we have to know a little bit about their history and development. The very first DC (direct current) electric motor which actually worked was invented by William Sturgeon back in 1832. So, you can see, they have been in development for quite some time. However, because of the high cost of storing energy inside of batteries in those days, there really wasn't any practical commercial application for them at the time.

However, experimentation and development on these types of motors continued and it wasn't until the 20th century that these types of motors excelled in technological breakthroughs enough that different types of electric motors began to be used for different purpose. What I am speaking of are brush and brush-less electric motoirs that are in use on most electric mopeds, bikes and scooters today.

The Brush Electric Motor

The brush type of electric motor ( usually referred to as the brushed DC electric motor) creates an electric current when the brushes connect with the rotating rotor ( actually it is just a pole with coils wrapped around it) the batteries supply electricity to the coils which are called a commutator which powers the magnets that are on the pole to make it rotate. As you already know, if you try to put opposite ends of two magnets together, it will make them push away from each other and this is what makes the rotor turn rubbing against the brushes and therefore turning the motor.

It is actually pretty simple in principle but sometimes complex in its engineering and implementation. One of the problems in the past has been due to the brushes wearing down or even breaking off after a period of time, therefore making it unusable and requiring the electric motor to be replaced eventually.

Brush Style Electric Motor
Brush Style Electric Motor

Brush-less motors are just that, brush-less.  If you look at the brush motor in the diagram above, the brush has to rub against the commutator.  However, the brush-less electric motor does not have brushes rubbing against the commutator, and therefore there are no brushes to wear out.  Check out the diagram below

The brush-less motor. Notice that the aren't any parts touching the center poles
The brush-less motor. Notice that the aren't any parts touching the center poles

So, the brush-less style motor is the best bet or option to buy, because it doesn't have any touching brush parts to wear down. 

The Motor is Now Sealed

Now, the motor is sealed into a disc shaped compartment and is centered on the rear wheel also know as the electric bike hub.  The reason that the hub is sealed is so that the internal parts will not get any dirt or water on the internal parts and then ruin them.  this has been a newer innovation over the last ten years for the electric bike, scooter and moped. 

On an electric bike motor ( or hub) the motor is in a water proof sealed motor
On an electric bike motor ( or hub) the motor is in a water proof sealed motor

What is an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

Electric bike conversion kits are basically kits that you can buy which will transform your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. You can buy the kits almost anywhere onj the Internet from companies that deal with electric bikes. Most of the time, these kits will run you anywhere from $400 to $1200 depending on the wattage (power, kind of like horse power) that you want to get for your electric bike.

NOTE: If you get an electric bicycle, scooter or even an electric moped, if the wattage is over 750 watts, you will probably need a license. These types of vehicles, also need to be registered in most states and even if they are not, you need to remember at all times that you are driving a vehicle that is motorized and can harm you, and pedestrians if you are riding in parks, college campuses, etc.

A Typical Electric Bike Conversion Kit
A Typical Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Even though most electric bike conversion kits are touted to be fairly easy to install, don't believe everything that you hear. The best way to buy one is to frequent some online forums, and ask people there if they know about the conversion kit that you are thinking about buying. Also, has great reviews not only on conversion kits, but also on electric bikes and scooters as well.

Whatever you do, make sure that you check out the companies and their return policies as well as replacement parts. You never know when one of the parts could break or not be included in the kit and will want to be able to get a hold of them for parts

Note: Most conversion kit companies tout that it will only take between 2 to 3 hours to put one on. Actually, it is just like any other home project; add about 2 to 3 hours to the time the manufacturer tells you it will take, especially if you have never installed one before.

Once you get your electric bicycle conversion kit installed, you should test it out for awhile to make sure that it does exactly what it says it will. The worst case scenario is that you will have to take it off of your bike and send it back.  However, if you ride it for too long, then chances are that you won't be able to send it back.  Make sure that you buy a kit with a warranty and that the company is in the country that you are buying it from.  If you buy a Japanese model that has it's business there for example, then you will probably have to deal with a company long distance that would be more difficult to get a refund from.  So, you can buy your conversion kit from a fo0reign country, just make sure you can contact the company through their branch office in the country where you live.

Other Things About Conversion Kits You Should Know

In my last post about electric bike conversion kits, I forgot to mention a couple of other important things.  First of all, since an electric bike conversion kit is kind of a high-tech type of item, you should always make sure that you can get in touch with the company that manufactures them.  The reason this is so important, is because there are many parts involved with the kit and  they may or may not all be there.  So, you will want to be able to call them and see if you can get more parts.

Here's a life lesson for you:  I recently bought a bird feeder from a local store and took it home to put it together.  When I got home there were 3 parts missing; this was a very basic bird feeder and only had 6 or 7 parts to it.  Thank God, I only lived down the street from where I bought the feeder.

Can you imagine getting an electric bike conversion kit with loads of parts in it?  What if a few were missing?  Could you get a hold of the company to get the parts?

Another thing that is important about that is if you can't put a certain part on or are having trouble putting the kit onto your bike, you can call the company for advice.  Usually, there ios no problem putting on a conversion kit or adding it to your bicycle, but you just never know!

Installing an Electric Bike kit is a challenge
Installing an Electric Bike kit is a challenge

What to Look For on an Electric Bicycle

If you are considering purchasing an electric bicycle, then chances are you are probably wondering what you should know about them. In order to save yourself some money in the long run, you should do a little homework first, so that you8 will not waste, or worse, lose your money buying the wrong type of electric bike.

What Type of Electric Bike Do You Need?

First of all, you need to consider what you will actually be using the electric bike for. If you are going to be riding on really rough terrain, then an electric dirt bike, may be what you are looking for. Or if you are going to just cruise around town, a regular road electric bike will be what you need with some baskets on it for carrying cargo. So, whatever your needs may be you will have to determine what the bike will be used for first.

How Much Power Will You Need?

You will also have to consider the type of terrain you will be riding your bike around on as well. If you are going to be riding on hills then you may need an electric bicycle with a considerable amount of wattage. You really shouldn't need more than 600 watts and in most states, in the U.S. if you have an electric bike with more than 750 watts of power the local authorities want you to have a license for it and possibly get it registered as well.

Battery Systems

This is the second most important feature on an electric bike and one that should never be over looked. There are basically two different types of electric bike batteries to be concerned with: Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA) and Nickel Metal Hydride. (NiMH)

The SLA batteries are cheaper to purchase simply because they are cheaper to produce. Cheaper isn't always better. Even though they are pretty much a non- maintenance battery they are dense and therefore heavier. This weighs down the e-bike and therefore you will have a shorter trip on a single charge. Another downside to this type of battery is that they have a longer recharge time as well.

The nickel type of batteries (NiMH) can charge much faster are much lighter as well as having the ability to carry a charge much longer. As you can probably see, this is a triple win for someone that wants to go a further distance on a single charge. There is a downside to these batteries and that is they can't operate in cold weather as well as the lead acid type. This is probably due to the density of the battery.

There are another two types of electric batteries that you may want to consider on your electric bike, if you should want to buy one and that is Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium - Polymer (Li-Po). 

The Lithium - Ion batteries can be be charged fast and have a longer life than most batteries but just like the nickel version of the batteries, they are more expensive.  The Lithium- Polymer are the most advanced and can last even longer, but they are the newest innovation and are very expensive.

Sela Lead Acid Batteries are usually in a box or case like this and are put on the back basket on an electric bike
Sela Lead Acid Batteries are usually in a box or case like this and are put on the back basket on an electric bike
The Lithium-Ion batteries are lighter, smaller and more convenient which makes them small enough to be built into the electric bikes design
The Lithium-Ion batteries are lighter, smaller and more convenient which makes them small enough to be built into the electric bikes design

Electric Bike Battery Rechargers

Another part of the electric bike that you may want to consider is the electric bike battery charger.  On some models of electric bike, you will have to park the electric bicycle next to an outlet to plug it in.  For most people, this isn't much of a problem, but if you live or commute where it is not easy to park your e-bike next to an AC outlet then it will be a problem.

Enter the Removable Charger

Many of the innovations on a lot of the electric bicycles today are created out of necessities like the one mentioned above, Thus, many of the electric bicycles that are built today have removable rechargers on them so that you can carry the batteries and the recharger into your home and recharge the batteries.  This is great because you can go just about anywhere there is an outlet to charge you batteries, and if you have two sets of batteries and two rechargers, you could actually recharge you electric bike while you are riding around on the other set of batteries.  This way, you will never run out of a set of charged batteries that you can rely on.

A car that Runs on Sunlight!!!

Electric Bikes Production is up Over 200% in the Last 5 Years
Electric Bikes Production is up Over 200% in the Last 5 Years

The Importance of Electric Bikes Worldwide

Some of you may be wondering why I am so passionate about electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric mopeds. Over the last five years the popularity of electric bikes scooters and mopeds has increased by over 200%. This is been due to several reasons many of which are very important and almost earth threatening. I'm not speaking so much about global warming or the effects that carbon has our planet, even though I am a person that believes in keeping our environment as clean as we can but there is a problem with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels or oil-based products as we have been using them are a finite resource. In other words, is only a matter of time before we run out of these types of fuels and considering the rural population we need to work hard to consider methods and means in which to use a harness other forms of energy in order to get ourselves for one place to another. It has been estimated that the oil supplies if left unchecked will not be able to keep up with the world population rate. Considering that United States and Europe has their entire infrastructures built on oil and gasoline that this would be catastrophic. So, it is imperative that we develop different methods of propelling our vehicles in this research will probably start on a small level with electric bicycles.

Sustainable Energy Is the Key

All across the world the popularity of these types of bicycles has exploded. People are riding bicycles to work and back home every single day mostly countries like India, China and many Asian countries. Bicycles have been an important means of transportation in these countries and now people have embraced the idea of using electric bicycles which is fueled the manufacturing of these vehicles over the last 10 years to unparalleled levels. So, this is an important step forward in our technology and in an effort to leave behind some fossil fuels.

The most encouraging aspect of electric vehicles is that they can eventually be made sustainable. What I mean by this is that the energy that we can use to propel electric bicycles scooters and mopeds can come directly from the sun. This will mean that the electricity will not need to be generated by big power plants or nuclear energy but by energy that comes directly from the sky and the solar panels which will then be stored in batteries so that the electric bicycles can be powered up by this form of energy. There are people in the United States that are common everyday folk which actually power cars in this manner and will be no different with electric bicycles. People can start putting electric panels on top of their garages or homes which will go directly into batteries and this will store up enough energy to be able to power up the motors of the electric vehicles or bicycles that they will be riding on. So, we don't even have to worry about carbon from the electrical power plants heating up our atmosphere and unparalleled levels because we are trying to use electricity to power up our vehicles. We can actually use power from the sun to do a lot of this and this will greatly reduce the need for fossil fuels.

I don't know if the world will ever actually get away from fossil fuels entirely, but we can start moving in a direction away from them and becoming less reliant on them. It is my hope that we will one day be less dependent on fossil fuels and gasoline to build our entire infrastructure that we will learn to harness other cleaner buses of energy provided by nature and God that will be free, sustainable and a benefit to us all.

The Difference Between an Electric Bike and an Electric Scooter

As you can see from reading this Hub, electric bikes are transforming the world in the realm of electric vehicles.  However, there are other electric vehicles that you may want to take a look at if you are considering electric vehicles.

One of the electric innovations that is very similar to an electric bike is an electric moped.  Electric mopeds could be considered to be a cross between an electric bike and an electric scooter.

Notice the pedals on this electric moped.  It seems to be a cross between an electric bicycle and a scooter
Notice the pedals on this electric moped. It seems to be a cross between an electric bicycle and a scooter

Electric mopeds have pedals on them but people don't use the pedals as much as they would if they were riding a bicycle. Usually, moped pedals are in place so that a person could pedal the vehicle up to a speed that is sufficient to turning on the engine (or in our case, the electric motor). However, on an electric moped, you can pedal it if you run out of electricity but because of the pedal radius on the vehicle, you will probably get pretty worn out going too great a distance.

You can get electric mopeds that have motors with over 1000 watts on them but just as with electric bicycles, they will probably require you to get a license in most cities and states.

Electric mopeds come in many styles, shapes and colors and they are being mass-produced on a level that is never been seen before. The main thing that you need to worry about with electric moped is the same thing that you need to worry about when buying an electric bicycle; what type of motor does this electric moped have in terms of wattage or power and what type of battery system doesn't have as well. You may want to find out exactly what type of recharger that the electric moped is using. In the best case scenario, you'll want an electric moped that has a removable recharger. Just like with the electric bike, the best case scenario you could have with the electric recharger is to have two or three re chargers and extra sets of batteries so that why you are writing your electric moped around town, you are recharging your batteries at home.

Storage Space on the Electric Moped

Also, something you may want to consider when purchasing your electric moped is how much storage space is actually on the moped. Traditionally, mopeds have the ability to carry a little bit more than the average electric bicycle does, so you might want to find out what kind of storage space is built into the electric moped. I have personally seen electric mopeds with at least 4 to 5 apartments built into the frame of the moped itself. Even though this is a small electric vehicle, it still has its place and it is a perfect vehicle for a college student to get across campus on.

Even though the dimensions of the electric moped is small, there always seems to be a compartment to hide your stuff in
Even though the dimensions of the electric moped is small, there always seems to be a compartment to hide your stuff in

The Best Places to Find Electric Bicycles

If you want to buy a good quality electric bicycle it really isn't that hard. You first have to know exactly what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. For example, is the type of bike that you want a commuter bike or a trail bike and how much are you really willing to spend? Electric bicycles can run anywhere from $300 to almost $3000 and at times it can get very confusing as to what type of electric bicycle you will actually need.

Once you figure out exactly what kind of electric bicycle you want, the next step would be to find out where the best deals on the electric bicycles are. One of the techniques I like to use whenever I buy something the to: at least seven different places and get seven-member prices. You will be amazed at the difference in prices from lowest to highest in most cases. I do this whenever I buy anything and I'm always amazed at how much the difference prices are on electric bikes. Sure, some the electric bicycles that are on the market are very high and and worth every penny of the money that they charge for them. However, I am also a bargain hunter and I like to see if I can find decent prices without spending an arm and a leg and this is the way I do my research. With the advent of the Internet is very easy to go out and do comparison shopping for electric bikes or anything else for that matter so, all you have to do is get on the Internet and see if there are any good deals around, you will be amazed at how any there are out there!

The extent would be go on to The reason I say is because they have about 1400 different electric bike units on their website for sale. They have every shape and size of electric bicycle that you can imagine. They have electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric scooters and everything else you can imagine. There are even electric dirt bikes that are very high and can do a lot of amazing things.

After you get done looking at all the electric bikes on Amazon, you may want to take note of some of the more popular names you have seen. These popular names and brands of electric bicycle will probably carry warranties from the electric bike manufacturer. However, if you go on the manufacturers website just make sure that you are keeping track of which bikes are more expensive and which ones are not. Sometimes when you buy a mechanical object and it is more expensive it is worth every penny. However, sometimes you can get ripped off to so to make sure that this does not happen make sure that you do all of your homework on what kind of electric bike and where you should get it from.

Once you have your list of electric bikes you can start checking out your local craigslist to see if people have listed any electric bikes that are on sale. You will be amazed at the amount of electric exercise equipment that is on the market as well as some sort of listings were electric bikes and also regular bikes. You might even want to go on to see if there are any bargains on there.

This article should help you decide on which electric bicycle you want, at that. Remember that I told you that a well informed consumer is a consumer that will not lose his money overnight. I hope this article has helped you out.


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    • elmo03057 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Lexington, KY

      The point that I was making, however ambiguous, was that the gas companies have been keeping us addicted to oil by dropping the prices at the right time. We need to be aware of this situation because if we do get innovative methods to get around fossil fuels (like electric powered vehicles) then we can't let the oil companies have us ignore these new technologies by dropping the oil prices. That is what I sort of meant.

      God Bless,


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      10 years ago

      what does this have to do w ebikes and escooters ???


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