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Electronics needs communication....

Updated on August 14, 2015

We must possess minimum knowledge to use gadgets!

Most of us are novice to technology. Yet we know how to operate a PC or Laptop, tablet or smart phone. The real problem here is when we face some trouble in operating the above gadgets. You may say that lot of solutions are available in the net! No doubt about this. When my tablet has frozen completely, I searched in Google, the possible solutions. Many people have faced the same problem earlier and they too expressed their inability. Some techies were kind enough to offer a set of different solutions.

Then I thought, I could fix it by following their solutions in toto. What happened is a great history. Instead of making it alright, I made it more complicated. I tried, rebooting, hard reboot, pressing both power button and volume button etc. Of course, the android symbol popped out of the screen and waited patiently. Again, the screen started reflecting the name of the tablet and went silent. Somebody told me to try open and remove and refit the battery. Of course I was a little hesitant and tried cautiously opening the back cover. But it required the strength of a crow bar! After a heroic attempt, I could partially open it without damaging anything inside. The battery was almost glued to the tablet motherboard. I inspected the position. Several wires are connected there. My wisdom prevented me from venturing further. I closed the back cover and put the tablet on charger. Finally I called a service technician. He is yet to come.

Why I am narrating this. We can not get instant solutions from the net for all the problems that pester us in technological gadgets. This is applicable to all electrical and electronic appliances also. Always I used to retreat half way. This is how the net information confuses us. There are umpteen numbers of forums ‘how to fix’. My sad experience is ‘nothing works’. Ultimately we have to turn to the people who have hands on experience in fixing these gadgets. No doubt, that as long as the gadgets are in good health, they help us like trusted mates!

Hence I have to rethink about the pros and cons of an ‘Information encyclopedia” at our finger tips. One day, I tried to connect to the net. I booted my PC, pressed the power button in the rear of modem. There were no light or even blinks. I thought that my modem has gone out. It is a costly item and I felt tremor going in my spine. How to connect is the million dollar question. I never thought that the adopter is at fault. I trusted the adopter than the modem. Suddenly, it flashed to my mind, I had a spare net gear modem in some old box. Fortunately I could retrieve it and I tried to connect the modem to adopter. It was also lifeless. Then only I understood that the adopter is faulty.

I rushed to the computer spare stores which were around a kilometer away. I had taken the adopter and net gear modem to the shop to check it then and there. The shop keeper gave me one new adopter and tested it there. It was working. Hence we need presence of mind to take the old items to the shop to check the compatibility. In electronic world no two spare part will sync with some gadgets. We have to check the details on our old gadgets. If you simply ask the man for an adopter, he will give you a mobile adopter. You have to be specific about the item for which you need the adopter. You have to be cautious about the input voltage range and the DC output and Amps. Once, my son brought a CPU from US for personal use. It has a special switch for 110 volts range and once you press it off, it will work for 230 volts.

These intricate things are never noticed unless one is aware of the differences in each country. Nowadays, manufacturers are safely producing new range of electronic and electrical items to suit for the entire range. One day without noting the position of switch, I pushed the power button of CPU. Immediately, there was a blast and fume. Immediately I disconnected the CPU from mains. It gobbled up more than Rs.3000/- being a costly error. From that time on, I was cautious to read the labels of all electronic goods. Many people are working in Western countries and they bring lot of gadgets for their parents or friends. It would be better they warn them to use with a step up transformer!

Assortment of gadgets!

Know these items.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you wizlinkz for the time you spared to educate ordinary folks like me. I used to feel helpless whenever these gadgets fail to connect. Thank you once again for the detailed comments which I appreciate to the core.

    • wizlinkx profile image


      2 years ago from The United Arab Emirates

      Thank you for this hub. Must commend you for openly talking about you being helpless in troubleshooting situations. Many lay people are but won't admit. If I was to tell you that at the instant you have a serious problem like totally no response or completely dead electronics device in your hand, is to contact the dealer or the manufacturer, you might say they are expensive, or not reachable immediately. Something lot of lay people tell me. Since most of the devices such as PDAs and computers, phones are state-of-the-art these days, it is rarely a breakdown of the hardware. Yes, the internet is a great place to solve ONLY, I repeat, ONLY issues regarding software. And that too is only user level applications and not with the Operating System. Most people tend to not read the user manual, even of they did, next thing is it is thrown away. There are cases you may not have received a user manual. Your next best thing is to find the manufacturer's website. If you still can't find it there, then the forums. A user manual must be read in complete before you even begin to power up your device for the first time. Manufacturers want their consumers to have the best experience with their product. That is why they prepare these manuals in a certain order, from safety, operating instructions to troubleshooting and specifications. Always show your device to a friendly qualified engineer, so that he can guide you well. Even as lay people it is vital to have a basic knowledge about electricity and safe operation of anything electrical and electronics such as regional mains supply voltage and current. Lay people should stay clear of disintegrating any electronic/electrical device for safety reasons. The user manual will always carry that message "No user serviceable parts inside. Refer to qualified personnel for maintenance and repair". Never take your device to boutique shops for repairs, even though you think they are good. The dealers have special labs to open your device so that dust particles do not contaminate the electronics inside. Unqualified techies will touch the inside of your device with their bare hands transferring sweat that will gradually eat up the components that will cost you a considerable bill to replace the parts or could leave you with purchasing a whole new device. It is a great feeling when you rectify a problem on your own. But be aware.


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