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Email and Digital Photos without a Computer

Updated on March 15, 2011


Although it is almost impossible to imagine – there are people that do not have a computer. There are many of those that have a computer that do not have Internet access. Whether it is the cost or their location there is a need for an alternative. Not only for themselves but for those that wants and need to communicate with them.

What happens when family members do not have a computer or an internet connection? How are emails and photos received? It is frustrating that such a simple and common function cannot be completed and snail mail has to suffice.

Maybe grandma and grandpa do not want to learn how to use a computer. Maybe sister Sue lives far enough from town that internet access does not reach her yet. Maybe a computer and internet access is just too costly.

Great for Elderly Users

Email on the GO

The Hp Printing Mailbox, The Peek and Cell Phones

Enough of the doom and gloom because as I said before there are alternatives.

Cell Phones can Deliver Emails, Texts and Digital Photos

First of all most cell phones could solve at least some of the issue. Coverage for most carriers reaches across the country and some – even the world. For a few dollars extra the cell phone plan can include texting. Pictures and messages can be exchanged quickly and easily. For approximately thirty dollars more per month a data plan can be added which would include email and Internet access.

Emails, Digital Photos and more Delivered Automatically via an ordinary Phone Line

Another option is a device that connects to your existing phone line. There is little to learn because the emails and photos automatically print whenever they are received. One such device is called the HP Printing Mailbox. Emails, digital photos, the Wall Street Journal as well as other media are available. Only pre-approved data will be accepted by the HP Printing Mailbox so your time and ink will not be wasted.

There is a subscription service called Presto that makes it all possible for approximately $12.50 per month. An ordinary phone line connects to the HP Printing Mailbox and the service provider Presto delivers the data on a schedule chosen by you.

Receive and Send Emails with JPEG attachments with no Contracts with the Peek

The Peek is a low cost option for those that want and need email access. You Purchase the device, activate it either by computer or by telephone and start using it. A typical monthly fee may be approximately fifteen dollars per month.

There are no contracts to sign and no large learning curve to master. Coverage is widespread and you can have up to two email accounts.


Fortunately there are several options for those that either do not want a computer or are without Internet access. If mobile access is not important the HP Printing Mailbox is the easiest to use. Data and digital photos come to you and you read it.

Cell phones have replaced many home phones in the past year. They are versatile, fairly inexpensive and mobile. Cell phone plans can include as many options as you choose. The monthly charges can become quite expensive but many are pretty reasonable.

The Peek is an interesting device. It allows you to send and receive emails with attachments. The color screen allows you to view digital photos in living color. Once you purchase the device – usually for less than two hundred dollars there are no contracts to sign. The service will cost approximately fifteen dollars per month. The Peek gives you mobile, inexpensive and versatile use.



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    • screation profile image


      9 years ago

      your are right Debbie Cook, Everyone today needs to communicate with each other and to communicate what can be better than a mobile phones which not only allows you to communicate with other but diverse features. A Mobile phone can also be called a Camera device, MP3 player or an iPod, gaming device, mini computer, storage device, digital diary and much more. Nowadays, a Mobile Phone fulfils assorted needs and requirements of a user.


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