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Email in this era and its importance

Updated on May 19, 2009

The use of email can vary according to the situation of the expectation of the user. The
use of email can be categorised in two groups and they are:
§ Personal (card)
§ Social
§ Professional

People can use email for personal use and it can range from birthday greeting to love email. Email enables a user to send text, images and sound (music or jingles). Therefore the user can send a variety of email and it can range from text messages to cards. In plain text the receiver receives only a text while a card enables the recipient to have animation accompanied with a melody.

Nowadays, we have people who send marriage invitation by using email. In this era,people are so occupied and busy that they do not have spare time to maintain traditional habits. We also have some people who send birthday invitation to others. People makes full usage of email as it is faster compared to other means of communication. For example, if someone had to invite people for a birthday party then the latter would have to find some spare time to go and invite other persons for the party. This can be a quite time consuming process and therefore email is suited for communicating the message to the guests. We also have lecturers who send assignments through email and students submitting projects through email.

Many organisations send jobs confirmations through email. Long are those days when people had to wait for post mail to know if they are employed. This is a very rapid means of communication as people know the outcome in a rapid way. It is also more reliable as it cannot be lost as post mails.


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