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Want to save money? Try Energy Conservation!

Updated on May 16, 2010
Electricity is getting scarce. Save it!
Electricity is getting scarce. Save it!

World, in general, and developing countries in particular are facing serious power shortages. Since sudden increment in pwer is not possible we can resort to energy conservation. This is the best we can do to save power and precious resources of mother Earth. You will find this article loaded with energy conservation information. Having energy conservation plan is the best thing but clinging to a few of the habits mentioned below would result in big results.

Car's 'inside' must be healthier than 'outside'.
Car's 'inside' must be healthier than 'outside'.

Keep your car in good condition

There are several things you can do to keep your car in good condition while saving energy:

1. You should change air filters frequently.

2. Make sure that your car is properly tuned.

3. Tires should be inflated to correct pressure.

4. Spark plugs should be cleaned so that they produce spark at the right time and in right proportion.

5. All parts where lubrication is required should be properly lubricated e.g. gearbox, differentials.

6. Idling wastes a lot of fuel. So turn off your car while you are waiting for something or someone.

Just make sure that your car is in very good condition at all times by timely maintenance. You will automatically save costs on energy.

Turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use.

This is a very simple thing which one can do to cut his/her electricity bills although most people don't give a hoot to it.

Turn off the TV COMPLETELY! Dont put it on stand-by.
Turn off the TV COMPLETELY! Dont put it on stand-by.

Use Black version of google.

If you have been using the regular version of google up till now, you should try this as well. It works just like the regular search engine but it comes in black. Yes, instead of white background you are going to get pitch black background.

Computer monitors consume the highest amount of power when they show white color on the screen and least when black is shown. So if millions of people visit this website a very large amount of power would be saved. I consider it the easiest of all energy conservation ideas.

This website also tells you the amount of energy it has saved.

Screenshot of Blackle
Screenshot of Blackle

Save water

Water, the lifeblood of cities and all other human populations, is taken for granted. A lot of energy is consumed to pump this water to your home. So please save as much water as possible.

Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.
Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.

Use Energy Efficient lighting

Use energy savers wherever possible. Using energy-guzzling lights makes no sense. If you want to light up your place well you can do it very efficiently with energy savers.

Energy savers are better than bulbs
Energy savers are better than bulbs

Turn off your car engine

If you are stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for somebody on road turning off the engine is the best thing yo can do to save fuel and your money.

While idling engine is running at its worst efficiency. (Efficiency of engine varies with its speed). So keeping your car engine on while its practically going nowhere is sheer waste of energy.






Neither too cold nor too hot

Try turning you airconditioner's  thermostat to 25 degree Celsius. Human body feels perfectly fine at this temperature. Turning your AC to a too cold temperature range (16 to 18 degrees) does not only costs more but is also affecting the environment by consuming way too much energy. This is the simplest part of hvac energy conservation.


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    • childcen profile image

      childcen 9 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi greathub!

      I am impressed by your vast array of knowledge. btw, i love your hubs and this particular one on energy savings is what i really like to know.

      thanks for sharing...

    • greathub profile image

      greathub 9 years ago from Earth

      thanks for dropping by, Eileen

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Thank your for sharing this. I had a look at the Blackle but not sure yet because I cannot see my account. If I can still see that I will have a look at changing