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Energy: Is Solar Energy a Real Possibility?

Updated on January 13, 2016
Image courtesy of nuchylee at
Image courtesy of nuchylee at | Source

Solar Energy

Ever since we found the power in petroleum and figured out how to make electrical systems that worked with it, we haven't really changed much of our setup. The last couple of years we have seen an increase in other kinds of energies.

One of the best kinds has to be solar energy, totally free and filled with immense potential. We have our star give us this endless amount of rays continually day by day and we have used it so little to develop our society and technology. The sunrays are going to become the new source of clean energy that will make our future brighter and less toxic, away from all the fumes and gases produced from the over consumption of oil.

Where Does Solar Energy Stand?

As a renewable source of energy, solar energy is pretty high on the list with its lasting strength, clean foundation and the ease to start a solar panel project that will convert all sunlight into electricity. Its bas is absolutely quiet and very easy to maintain, making many want to learn how to get the system, work with it and install it in their homes.

Solar Energy reduces all kinds of carbon dioxide emissions because of its total replacement of coal fired electrical plants and is a great department to invest in if you wish to see a brighter future. Continuing with the coal powered plants, our ecosystem will continue to degrade and the sunrays will only become more and more damaging as the days go by.

Image courtesy of graur codrin at
Image courtesy of graur codrin at | Source

Is this a Real Possibility?

This source of energy is already gaining attention across the countries, taking a lot of dominance in the states, especially California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Arizona, bringing plans of installation to homes that will improve the general well being of the whole state and boost the movement even more.

People are sharing their success and happiness in using solar panels and giving up on oil fueled homes. Not just homes actually, but even their vehicles and ways of transportation. We can even charge most of our appliances with the solar panel chargers. The community is trying to help this resource and its availability increase tremendously so we can keep seeing more and more of it. It has also become very cost-friendly to set up your own system of solar panels. The solar panels receive the most energy during the hot, middle of the day, giving homes full energy, so much homes can even push power back from the electrical grid.

Reasons to go Solar

Where is it available?

The countries that have shown the most activity of solar resource and industry growth are currently Germany, China, Italy, Japan, United States, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The biggest polluters are becoming some of the more eco friendly places, making big investments into the solar power generation, putting up panels anywhere they can, as long as it does not produce large obstruction of space.

Some of the states that are working harder with their solar energy operations and are making home installations available are California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Home value increases with these new installations and there are consistent drops in bills and taxes when it comes to relying fully in solar panels for energy. Their ideals and plans are finally going hand in hand with the well-being of the world and the lives of all who are in constant contact with all the fumes and gases from highways filled with cars or live close to factories powered by coal.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at | Source

Why Solar Power Instead of Wind Power?

While solar power and its importance rise significantly, there is wind power and wind turbine to take into high consideration as well. When the sun is out from our view, the wind may still be hitting hard, producing great amounts of kinetic energy.

There is really no battle, but more which can you do to help better the world and if possible, can you merge the systems for a more eco friendly environment. If we are talking about space and quality, it also depends on the size of the turbines and panels and who is the one making them.

While solar panels offer a lot of power to many houses though, the wind turbines can produce enough for 2,000 homes or more. Yet, to get this amount of energy, the wind turbine has to have constant contact with high forces of wind, maybe out in the ocean or at very tall points on the land. Solar panels on the other hand can be put just about anywhere where the sun hits.

The wind turbines also have to be constantly checked on, providing more money being used on its well being and general performance. A solar panel usually comes with a warranty, does not move so does not require separate parts, is installed quickly and is less of consumption economically and space wise.

Another thing to take into consideration is if you are allowed to install wind turbines or not, mainly because of how much space it takes and if it isn't in the range of your property. Solar panels however, are mostly put on the roofs of people's homes, disrupting no one and taking up no additional space.

Image courtesy of kongsky at
Image courtesy of kongsky at | Source

The price that really comes into mind when having so much flowing "free" energy thanks to the solar panels is the building of a collector, the part of the system which converts all of the solar waves and energy into electricity.

Solar energy is also great and has no secondary effects like the machines powered by coal do. But, most of the equipment necessary for solar energy to be used is created in factories still powered by coal and oil. This is bound to change though, with the implementation of the solar panels on the factories themselves at a larger scale, there will come a day when we will be able to say goodbye to all the machinery that was once great.

Oil reserves and the general look for them will come to a stop. We won't have to live with the timer anymore that tells us how much is left and how much more time we have before there is no return.

We have finally begun our change, and with it a new era. It is true that solar energy will only be collected in the daytime when it is sunny and that storage will become an issue later on but everything will be re-usable, the batteries, the panels, even the collectors at some point. We will be able to begin the recycling process at a bigger and better rate, no longer consuming energy in this world but bringing back to it, and changing what we thought was lost back to original and useful energy.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

Solar Energy Engineering

Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems
Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems

As perhaps the most promising of all the renewable energy sources available today, solar energy is becoming increasingly important in the drive to achieve energy independence and climate balance. This new book is the masterwork from world-renowned expert Dr. Soteris Kalogirou, who has championed solar energy for decades. The book includes all areas of solar energy engineering, from the fundamentals to the highest level of current research. The author includes pivotal subjects such as solar collectors, solar water heating, solar space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, solar desalination, photovoltaics, solar thermal power systems, and modeling of solar systems, including the use of artificial intelligence systems in solar energy systems, modeling and performance prediction.

*Written by one of the world's most renowned experts in solar energy

*Covers the hottest new developments in solar technology, such as solar cooling and desalination

*Packed with quick look up tables and schematic diagrams for the most commonly used systems today'


How Solar Energy Panels Work


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    • Gibape profile image

      Milady González 2 years ago

      Thank you Ryan Richardson! I could not agree more on your stand about this topic and I am looking into the links you shared. We can only hope the world starts taking advantage of this source of energy before it is too late.

    • profile image

      Ryan Richardson 2 years ago

      Lots of good points here. It’s really cool that people are starting to take advantage of this nearly unlimited source of energy. It can be difficult to decide whether or not to go solar though. There are a couple government resources that I’ve found very helpful, which I’ll share here.

      These can help homeowners decide if solar is right for them. I also really like a site called Solar to the People ( ), which can provide you with quotes and help you in your decision to go solar.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 2 years ago from usa


      Natural gas will be number 1 in cost and effeciantcy 7/13/15 Natural Gas Surpasses Coal as Biggest US Electricity Source

    • Gibape profile image

      Milady González 2 years ago

      Hi LongTimeMother,

      Thank you for your comment. I want to think that it is not a dream, I know people that are managing their energy usage with a solar panel and inverter. As a matter of fact I have a friend that hasn't paid an electrical bill in 20 years. He is providing his own electricity. I also know a community that lives far into the country side and they are generating their own electricity with a hydroelectric plant. I am talking about a third world country with very limited resources but with a vision of a better world.

      You are absolutely right when you say it is not a dream.

    • Gibape profile image

      Milady González 2 years ago

      Hi Jon Ewall,

      I see your point there after reading those articles. And I really hope that you are not wishing against that in the future we have the possibility to use the alternative energies as regular as the fossil fuel. You are going to say that the fossil fuels are a lot less expensive and not environmentaly harming as said in those articles, but I remember the oil spills that have happened, I think of all the plastics that go into the ocean... and there is no point in going over this, because many already have. Please remember that the fossil fuels already have a mayor and millions worth infrastructure, any new energy provider that wants to arise has to start from scratch to build one.

      This is a worldwide dream despite the fact that the fossil industries would not want such dream to come true, and I get that too. Who would in their position?

      Overall, I am just a writer that has a vision of a better future, for a cleaner and more efficient world.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my hub.

    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 2 years ago from Australia

      Solar power is much more than just a dream for many of us who already harness and store energy from the sun.

      I love living off the grid and never receiving a power bill ... and I love the fact that my family no longer wastes energy the way we used to when we were connected to the grid.

      Ongoing improvements in the design and performance of solar panels and storage batteries just keep making solar energy more attractive. Hopefully more individuals, communities, and governments will start to embrace solar energy - and enjoy the rewards the way we do. :)

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 2 years ago from usa


      The cost of solar cannot compete with natural gas,oil or coal producing energy.

      Without taxpayer government money Solar would be dead since the payback on the investment is over many years.

      6/4/15 EPA: Fracking doesn’t systemically pollute water

      12/23/14 Admin. Crams Over 1,200 New Regulations Just Before The New Year

      11/7/14 World’s largest solar plant applying for federal grant to Pay Off Federal Loan

      4/22/14 Fossil fuels have made the earth cleaner, not dirtier 44th Earth Day and the planet has never looked cleaner thanks to fossil fuels.

      ``Solar Power, The Future Is Here ?

      7/12/15 Obama green energy spending distorts Solar Power markets, risk ‘bubble’


      Your comments on the links would be appreciated

    • Gibape profile image

      Milady González 2 years ago

      Hi Rock_nj,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this Hub. As humanity declines, we need to get back to what Mother Nature has already provided us with and maybe then we get real quality of life. We should go back to green, to taking care of our home (Earth). Not having to work so hard to pay for expenses such as oil and electricity which only harm our home.

    • Rock_nj profile image

      John Coviello 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Good Hub! I think solar energy is on the cusp of a big surge in usage. The economics are getting better for solar energy all of the time, with prices coming down and competing grid electricity getting more expensive. The introduction of practical home power storage systems, such as the Tesla Energy Ball, will make solar even more practical for more people in coming years.