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Engaging FaceBook Cover Pics by StvRich 1.3 Crazy Frog

Updated on February 16, 2014

In animation, we are able to IDEALIZE aspects of Humanity

How do you imitate the sound of a two-stroke engine? With the help of a Crazy Frog. That's how. The "Annoying Thing" originated with the Swedish actor Erik Wernquist. The sound he created was marketed by ringtone provider Jamba! (later re-labeled Jamster). The original Crazy Frog animation was created as accompaniment to that sound-effect, and was produced by Daniel Malmedahl in 1997. The original full-basic video is actually fairly primitive. I provide a link below to "The Annoying Thing".

BUT-- it became the basis of an international HIT, reaching #1 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia ... all Europe. It goes without saying, we (in the United States) bounced to it in our own dance clubs, across our Great Nation. The musical hit was entitled, "Axel-F".

Axel-F is based upon the theme song for the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" starring Eddie Murphy, as Axel Foley.

So, of course, there HAD to be an album of "Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits"... including "Popcorn", which also was a world wide success.

Below, I will provide links to the popular "Ding Dong Song", "Axel-F", and "PoP-Corn". I'm pretty sure your kids will enjoy the music. AND, the pictures make great facebook covers. Especially for kids. ...or for Grown Up kids too.

Born from this "Crazy" frog, was further, merchandise, toys, and two video games.

So, that... is NOT QUITE "crazy", eh? Sounds like good business.

The state-of-the-Art in animation has continued to advance. Animations are nearly so realistic now, as to be virtually indistinguishable from reality. I link to an excellent animated movie at the very end of this article. Animation, allows us opportunity to present certain aspects of our own humanity in a truly engaging manner. Whether it be an animated action movie, as in StarCraft (the video game- below) or the movie franchise RIDDICK. Many many humane scenarios may be leveraged through animation. At the very end of this article I include a link to a very engaging action-movie, from the game StarCraft II "Heart of the Swarm". It's quite well done. And should be entertaining to any fan of Science Fiction.

Engaging animation. Crazy Frogs - may be a good case in point.

" ... GO !!! ... "

FaceBook cover pic: THE ANNOYING THING ...

A good FaceBook Cover Pic, for a Frog Lover

A Live Example - FaceBook Coverpic CRAZY POWER !!!

A Crazy DJ Needs Crazy Power - and a Crazy L.E.D. display!

You may want to try any of these pics for a FaceBook Cover

Emotional Advertising- mirroring

Here, IF you actually slow the video and play it frame by frame, you will clearly see these two "people" are completely mirroring each other.  They are utterly emotionally "in synch" despite ONE being "Old School" and the other "Modern".  Engagingly
Here, IF you actually slow the video and play it frame by frame, you will clearly see these two "people" are completely mirroring each other. They are utterly emotionally "in synch" despite ONE being "Old School" and the other "Modern". Engagingly

Crazy? ...NOT!

A Crazy Frog, can be engaging, endearing, enlightening and good advertising, if not simply Good Entertainment. Sometimes, to see the "value" of this, you must slow a scene and analyze it frame by frame, to see exactly why, the "humanity" of these frogs may "engage" you. Such animations "que-in" and attract our focus at a fundamental and emotional level. It is actually deeply instinctive, and I hate to say it, but your CHILDREN may be "quicker" than YOU are? ...How so?

We, 'connect'. Via the "humanity"... of a fake, little cartoon frog.

Or ANY other modern media we are exposed to. We are "entranced".

Children, whose minds are fully open to the programming of their environments (hopefully inclusive of a healthy family or healthy village environment) tend to be far more receptive to the quick "little" ques within this media. They "get it" immediately, whereas the "mature mind" may be a tad closed. It's not so much that you are totally unreceptive, as you simply wish to NOT be "receptive". You feel you have BEEN "receptive" enough, and do not wish to receive any more... by (semi)Conscious choice.

You shut down. You are BORED by it. (not old)

A few years ago, I made an analytical summary regarding my own assessment of an aging human brain, I made this observation at the age of approximately 30 years. I said, "It's not so much that we have gotten OLDER, as ... more BORED, even tying our shoes is an "automatic" and pre-programmed sequence of actions. It's not so much that we lose the CAPACITY to be sensitive or learn, or to even react. But...

As we age, we no longer are required to even ... THINK. It becomes automatic."

We feel like we've "seen it all" or "done it all" (or some Variation of it) by the time we reach an older age. And, if one dismisses the effect of certain modern media, as "trivial", it is often because they have inoculated themselves against the "mundane", but... this is merely a mis-perception, caused by over-exposure...


it's NOT so much that you find charming little frogs (or RIDDICK) un-interesting, as you actually WOULD RATHER HAVE THE ALIENS -ACTUALLY- LAND IN YOUR BACK YARD. You've shut your brain off, and are not receptive to the "cuteness" any more.

Below- at articles end, I'll provide a link to a web-album of pix

The original video "The Annoying Thing"

Here, directly in the module below, I include a link to the video and music "The Ding Dong Song". On a scale of 1 to 10, it's "cuteness" level is about 11 or 12, and I actually think it's a good song. Well done. And good spirited. I LIKE IT. So sue me. I'm a grown-up, I think the thing is good. AND it's an example of excellent marketing. Enjoy.

play this DANG "DING-DONG" song and Enjoy it! go BOOGIE!

POPCORN Song !!! Cray-Zee Frog Style

and, - another POPCORN Video

In another article I have written: "NightFall and Chronicles... (part 1)". I refer to an "idealized" character, and the original Novel it is based upon. Right now, the movies, in which this character is central, is so focused on a professionally choreographed machismo... that the "Higher Moral Ground" which the character is based upon is entirely buried. The movies are assumed to be trivial... when they are merely Archetypical of our innate and natural Humanity. And I know and recognize the character for what it is. It is "Good Business" and "Undeniable Business", because it speaks to a sector of our psyche... which most people are too weak to acknowledge.

And UNTIL... YOU YOURSELF, have stood upon a precipice and Risked ALL, for what you believe.

You are NOT ... as "GOOD" a Human, as Riddick is. You simply, are not.

(And it is not Vin-Diesels fault if RIDDICK is being cast as a Super-unrealistically-machismo-man by David Towhy, but that's another topic altogether... )

...Continuing with, the Craziest of Frogs!!!

Here, directly below, I include a link to another series of "cool" facebook pix I take from the CyberHound video made by Swedish House Mafia. Do forgive my own "self promotion" within my own articles.... but...

Immediately below here, is the link to the "original" Crazy-Frog version of Axel-F

Axel-F Crazy Frog Style

" DING ... DING ! " Trust and Love

In the first half of the Ding-Dong Song, the modern frog takes the old-school frog's cane. If you actually play the scene back slowly, you watch the confusion, and consternation cross the old-school frogs face. Then, he is hit with some doubt or fear of some sort. The frogs are dancing in close synch with each other, and most likely the old-school frog fears he is being toyed with or disrespected.

Not at all.

The modern frog is just a "modern-brother" and he is PLAYING with the old-school frog. And, the old school frog realizes this when he receives a gentle "ding ding" (tapping) on his noggin, with his own cane, then, he regains his favorite dancing tool.

Here, "Old School" is jumping over his cane

Again, Old School and Modern are mirroring and "IN SYNCH"

Love and Trust ... "DING ... DING !"

When "Old School" realizes he is in good hands, he lightens up

This cute frog video is an example of peaceful diversity

Instead of amplifying the disparity of two differing ages. This video is celebrational of the similarities shared across generations. Instead of playing against each other in a competitive fashion, there is a striking harmony. Why is that? They are in reality, the SAME. That is why.

As indicated by the frequent mirroring displayed in this delightful video production. These are nearly sub-conscious messages being delivered via rapid imagery for, often only 1 or 3 frames of video. But after a short time within this video, it becomes obvious that there is HARMONY between the two.

Both, are "master dancers" and both take turns displaying their skill, as well as love of dance, expressed enthusiastically one, at a time. Or, in full synch, together. This was made for children, and it is FUN.

So is it BAD if I like it too? And I am older? Well... let me put it this way.

IF YOU wish to say I am immature for enthusiastically enjoying this... I AM NOT! PBPBPBPBPBBPBPBPBTHTHTHHTPBHBP!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm probably more mature than YOU are, because I don't wanna BE an old fuddy duddy like YOU! So go eat worms. Play by yourself if you wanna. Ya creep.

Besides. You smell funny.

... I'm just kidding. You DON'T smell funny. (But you do LOOK funny!)

But seriously. I think the "Crazy Frogs", are brilliant. The ding dong song is great. And you AND your kids will love them. And, as I have mentioned, I'll provide a link (below) to an album of some screen captures I've made so if you WANT to... you can give your kids a froggie facebook cover pic.

Quaint "Old School" and...

Cuttin' Edge "Modern" ... "DING ... DING !"

The mirrored pic leaves room for a FaceBook Profile picture

for all you "Old Fogey's"... who danced in the 80's

Here, is a link to the youtube file, which is the extended remix version of the ORIGINAL, dance-club, Axel-F.

A BLAST, from the past, the ORIGINAL "Axel-F" extended remix

Those of you who do KNOW me. Know I do love StarCraft (the video game). So here, below I simply wanted to give you a taste of some of the "state of the art" in gaming animations if that's not really your cup of tea.

If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you should like this.

Here, if you watch this movie, you will get a good example of how the newer games may feel. As computational capacities of our home computer equipment increases, the simulation of realities in real time gets better and better.

Therefore, role playing games become much more engaging. Much more realistic. I only pray that we do not forget, it is no substitute for reality. and REAL ... Family-Style engagement. Friendly engagement with each other, our brothers and sisters. And friendly and real FAMILY relations. It is NO substitute for being friendly with your ACTUAL neighbor.

These are tools to be used, for a purpose. Nothing more.

But DO enjoy the video below. I thought it was a fairly good movie. Considering it is ENTIRELY based upon a game. And is not a game, based upon a movie. Again, these are examples of truly striking imagery that speaks to visceral human components within us all.

Visually Engaging action-flick. HEART of the Swarm


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